This article is about the official Lifetime pilot. You may be looking for the unaired ABC pilot.
Devious Maids 1x01
June 9, 2013 (online)
June 23, 2013 (television)
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Flash sideways
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"Pilot" is the 1st episode of Devious Maids.


The women turn to one another for support when their friend and fellow maid Flora is brutally murdered at the home of her employers, Evelyn and Adrian Powell, at one of the largest society events of the year. Meanwhile, newcomer Marisol is hired to clean the home of Taylor and Michael Stappord, a newlywed couple with a complicated love history. But Marisol has ulterior motives and when someone she loves becomes wrapped up in Flora's murder, she goes undercover to learn the truth.



Beverly Hills, California

101 01
"If you don't stop screwing my husband, I'm going to have you deported. Comprende?"

We are treated to a shot from under the water of a pool where, above the surface, an extravagant party is seen taking place. The camera makes its way up out of the pool and scans across the multiple guests, rising into the late evening sky, moving past balconies and the like, exploring just how large the house actually is, and the shot finally settles on Evelyn Powell, who's staring out of a window on one of the upper levels of her house, looking down at the party she's hosting which is happening below. The first line of the series is spoken by Mrs. Powell: "I think what you people do is heroic." Evelyn the turns her head, letting go of the curtain at the window, and, all the while approaching something, continues in saying, "You wash clothes you can't afford, you polish silver you will never dine with, you mop floors for people who don't bother to learn your last name, and still you dare to dream of a better life. I am in awe of your determination to succeed in this great country of ours, that said... if you don't stop screwing my husband I'm going to have you deported. Comprende?" We see now that she is talking to her maid, Flora Hernandez, who stares back at her boss with a blank stare, being dressed in a stereotypical maid's uniform with her hair tied back in a tight bun. Flora looks to her left, not saying a word, and Evelyn comments with "good" before asking her husband, Adrian, if there's something he'd like to say to Flora. Adrian, who's standing elsewhere in the room, leant back against a bar with a drink in his hand, tells his wife that he's sorry that he allowed himself to be seduced. This said, Flora turns to him with a look of anger and betrayal on her face, this being an apparent and obvious lie, and Adrian merely adds, "Repeatedly." Flora remains to be shocked with her lover and Evelyn moves around the girl, telling her that obviously from this moment forward, when she asks her to do the windows, she will do them. She begins to leave the room and Adrian follows on from his wife, but Flora appears more hurt and slightly teary-eyed. She approaches the doors with anger in her movements and closes them behind the Powells as she looks at them walk away with an evil grimace upon her face.
Soon, still inside the room, Flora hurriedly lays down a sheet of paper on a desk and grabs a pen, beginning to write.

101 02
Evelyn decides to drink her troubles away.

Outside, we see a waiter serving drinks, and Evelyn is asked how she is by a friend. She replies, "Not great," and grabs a drink from the server. She adds that she's just found out her maid has feelings for her husband, at which Adrian walks up behind her. Evelyn comments that it's nuts, asking why anyone would fall in love with Adrian, and her husband smiles, taking the drink out of Evelyn's hand and telling their friend that she must excuse his wife; "She's drunk... and evil." Evelyn gives a polite smile before being taken out to the dance floor by Adrian as the waiter watches them eerily. He quickly flees the scene. Meanwhile, Evelyn and Adrian begin to dance to the music.
At the same time, Flora is still inside scribbling down words on a piece of paper. As she writes, we see the words from the paper appearing on the screen, giving us such excerpts as "You can't just throw me away" and "We both know what happened". At this moment, we see a sharp knife being grabbed by a gloved hand, and Flora finishes her note by writing, "I was raped." She then puts her pen down and stares down at the paper. As she does so, a dark figure (their face unseen) enters the room, and Flora places the note into a book. The figure approaches her just as she turns around and she grabs the fiend's arm just as he is about to stab her with his knife. She screams with terror as she tries to stop the figure from stabbing her and as they force the knife, Flora falls back on the desk, knocking the book containing her note onto the floor as she does so.
Outside again, we see Evelyn and Adrian continue to dance as the latter twirls his wife, keeping in with the music.
Inside, the struggle continues as the knife-wielding figure attempts to overpower Flora who gets pushed backwards and tires to grab a lamp, before being thrown down on the glass coffee table which shatters under the force of her hitting it. She falls.
Adrian and Evelyn are still shown dancing outside, completely unaware of the attack indoors.

101 03
Flora Hernandez is murdered.

Flora falls down onto a footstool before hitting the floor. She screams as the person trying to kill her grabs her by the ankles and drags her across the floor. Flora tries to crawl out of their grip but it is no use.
By the pool, Evelyn and Adrian flawlessly sweep across the screen, dancing still.
The fiend grabs their knife, which they earlier dropped, and Flora cries out once more as she is pulled closer towards her murderer. She is stabbed.
Whilst Evelyn and Adrian dance outside, Flora is seen exiting the house slowly and sweating, clearly weak and dying due to the stabbing that she just received. She makes her way through the crowd, unnoticed, and approaches the pool. And then... it happens. Flora falls into the pool and is completely immersed, with the blood from her stab wound spreading out in the water. The maid is dead. In a panic, all of the guests turn their attention to what has just happened and Evelyn and Adrian, who appear shocked, are soon alarmed to see the waiter from earlier standing at the entrance way with blood all over his clothes, as well as a bloody knife in his hand. He looks up, seemingly confused, and Flora's corpse is seen sinking further into the pool as her blood covers the screen.

101 04
"Who is gonna clean all this up?"

The scene fades into Flora's blood on the Powells' carpet as a swab is seen taking a sample of it. We then see the room filled with police officers, and Evelyn and Adrian, as the detective tells the two of them that he thinks they're just about done and will be out of her way in a few minutes, but Evelyn tells him that she doesn't understand, asking what he means when he says they're "done". As the detective receives a clipboard from an officer, he explains to Mrs. Powell that they've collected all of the evidence and have a suspect in custody, but Evelyn, who appears near distraught, begins pointing out the masses of blood covering the furniture and carpet. The detective tells her not to worry, assuring her that they've already taken pictures of everything, before telling his colleages to pack everything up so that they can get going. In tears, Evelyn exclaims, "I don't care about photos! I don't care about evidence! My maid was murdered!" everyone within the crime scene turns to look at her, believing her to be showing genuine sorrow, until she selfishly adds, mixed with genuine worry, "Who is gonna clean all this up?"

Act I

101 05
The maids are being watched...

It is the day of Flora's funeral and a group of people, all dressed in black, are seen grouped beside the maid's coffin, which remains above the ground in the middle of a graveyard, ready to be lowered into the ground, as a priest stands at the head of the burial site, saying a few words in Spanish. As he reads from the Bible, the shot moves across the faces on the front row of the funeral's attendees, and we are shown multiple mourning and sad expressions, the first of which being that of Zoila Diaz, followed by her daughter, Valentina. Then Rosie Falta, and finally, Carmen Luna. All maids. All Flora's friends. And the camera moves away from them to reveal someone watching from afar, and we are shown that Marisol Duarte is watching the service alone, isolated from the crowd. The priest continues to talk as we see the coffin get lowered into the ground and the last thing we see before Flora is buried are the crying faces of her fellow maids. The screen goes black as the coffin goes underground.
A short while later, we see Carmen, Rosie, Zoila and Valentina all exiting the funeral. "We have to go to the police!" Rosie exclaims, at which Carmen asks her friend if she's crazy. Rosie argues that they need to know the truth about Flora, but Carmen asks why, pointing out that they already arrested someone. "Maybe he didn't do it," Rosie suggests, going on to theorize that maybe Flora was killed because of "what she was doing". At this, Zoila stops Rosie and explains to her that if they go to the cops, they'll ask why they did nothing to stop Flora, and Valentina adds that her mother is right, saying that they could get in trouble. Rosie pauses before exclaiming that she wishes she had never told them, but Zoila tells her friend that this was Flora's secret; "I say we let it die with her." The four of them continue walking, leaving the scene, as we are shown Marisol standing in a bush, having spied on the scene and presumably heard what the other girls had said. She turns to face the screen.


One week later

101 06

"So... the job requires cooking, cleaning, taking our clothes to the cleaners..." Michael Stappord lists off, sitting next to his wife, Taylor, as the two of them interview their new maid. "Doing what needs to be done," Marisol adds, sitting across from the Stappords, and Michael tells her, "Exactly." He adds that he's hoping to find someone to live-in, and Marisol tells them that, as it happens, that's exactly the situation she's looking for. Michael says that that's terrific before turning to his wife, who looks at the smiling Marisol with a puzzled expression plastered upon her face. Marisol notices this and asks Mrs. Stappord if she has any questions for her, but Taylor merely stares at the maid before noting that she doesn't have an accent. "Should I?" Marisol wonders, and Taylor notes that she's never met a maid that didn't have an accent. The maid nods, explaining that she was born there in L.A. Taylor says that Marisol sounds like she went to college and the latter, clearly holding back, merely nods and thanks Mrs. Stappord. Taylor smiles and asks Marisol if she'll excuse them for a moment, turning to her husband and hastily leaving the room. Michael tells his interviewee to give them just a second before following on from his wife. Marisol attempts to listen in as Taylor and Michael speak in hushed tones in the adjacent hallway, and Taylor tells her husband that Marisol has attitude. Michael wonders if this is because she doesn't have an accent, but his wife exclaims that she just doesn't like her and wants Lupe back. As the couple walk further down the hallway, Marisol is seen standing up out of her seat and following them, and Michael tells Taylor that she knows that can't happen. "Why do you refuse to take my side? I'm getting so sick of this!" Taylor exclaims, stopping and standing opposite her husband, and Marisol is seen stopping not far away from them. She calls out for Mrs. Stappord who turns to her, and the maid proceeds to tell her that she wants this job and so will make her a deal: "After a week, if you're not satisfied with my work, or if you think I still have... attitude; I'll leave. No questions asked." Taylor turns back to her husband who points out what a generous offer Marisol has just made, saying that they would be fools not to accept it, and Mrs. Stappord sighs, giving confirmation that Marisol has got the job, at which the maid smiles happily.

A spray bottle is seen releasing its cleaning fluid onto a window before a cloth is seen wiping it away, being held by a young maid. Valentina smiles as the window becomes cleaner.


101 07

A car is seen pulling up into the driveway of a large house as Valentina continues to wipe the window, smiling further when she spots the vehicle return to the residence. Cheerily, the young lady runs over to the door and approaches it more slowly when it's seen opening and a young man, Remi Delatour, walks through. "Where is she?" he asks urgently, and Valentina tells him that she's in her room. As Remi begins rushing up the stairs, he asks his maid how many pills she took, and Valentina replies that she isn't sure; "Maybe the whole bottle." She follows him up the grand staircase and the two of them run past a painted portrait of the house's owner and Remi's mother: Genevieve Delatour.


101 08

Zoila is seen crouching down and looking under the bed in the same house, seeming bored and checking her watch, before returning her hand to her cheek. Weeping is heard from under the bed and the door to the bedroom soon opens as Remi and Valentina rush through. They approach the bed and Zoila tells Remi, "Thank God you're here." He runs over to the bed and kneels down beside Zoila, looking at his mother Genevieve who is writhing around under the bed. She tells her son to go away, clutching an empty bottle of pills, but Remi tells her not to be like that before offering to take her to the hospital and get her stomach pumped. Genevieve shakes her head in denial, exclaiming that she's been humiliated and requesting that they just let her die. Remi looks up to Zoila, wondering what his mother means when she says "humiliated", at which Zoila tells the young man that Jamal left Genevieve. Remi raises his eyebrows before looking back under the bed, apparently surprised that his mother was dating their pool boy. "I've always been partial to Armenians! You know that," she reminds him, and Remi sighs as his mother explains that this particular Armenian turned out to be so cruel as he was embarrassed to introduce her to his friends. In a distressed tone, she yells, "He said I looked like I was 40!" Zoila points out to her boss that that's not bad, considering she's almost 60, but this merely makes Genevieve weep louder. As Zoila realizes what she just said, Remi tells his mother that she cannot swallow a bottle of pills every time a guy leaves her, but she turns to her son and her maid and asks them if they don't see what's happening - she's getting older, and soon, no handsome man will want anything to do with her, and the sad truth is, she's just not designed to be alone. Realizing an opportunity, Valentina skids down to her knees and stares at Mrs. Delatour under the bed, telling her that if she's lonely, Remi could move back home. Zoila and Remi turn to Valentina and the former reminds her daughter that Remi's going to school. Valentina points out that it's just UST and that he could commute, at which Genevieve maneuvers her way out from under her bed and tells her son, with a large smile on her face, that this is a fantastic idea. She hugs him, now happy, and says that she wouldn't even know how to be depressed with him there. "Mom, if I promise to go back home, will you go to the hospital?" Remi asks, at which Genevieve assures him, "Absolutely!" She smiles wider before standing up, requesting that they let her put her face on first as she doesn't want to scare the nurses, and she tells Zoila to come as she merrily runs away. The middle-aged maid stands up and walks past her daughter with an accusatory expression upon her face, but Valentina merely smiles, and Remi tells the young lady that that was some quick thinking there. Valentina shrugs, saying that she's just glad she could help, and walks away happy as Remi remains kneeling beside his mother's bed.

A feather duster is seen lightly cleaning an American Music Award that reads "Favourite Latin Artist: Alejandro Rubio". The maid wielding the duster, Carmen, moves it up the mirror and begins cleaning that as we are shown merely her reflection in it.


101 09

As Carmen cleans the mirror, a strict looking woman, Odessa Burakov, the head housekeeper, is seen approaching the maid from behind, telling her that "he's here", and speaking with a Russian accent. Carmen's jaw drops in excitement and she lets out a big smile before dropping the feather duster and following Odessa over to the front door. An expensive car is meanwhile seen driving up the driveway of the house before pulling over in front of it, and Odessa limps over to it as the owner of the car and the house, Alejandro Rubio himself, steps out. Odessa welcomes him home and takes his coat, before asking him how the tour was, and as Alejandro begins to tell her, Carmen stands at the door with fellow housekeeper Sam Alexander and says that she cannot believe she's finally meeting Alejandro Rubio. Sam warns her not to come on too strong but she tells him not to worry as she and him are going to be the best of friends. "And... why would he want to be friends with the maid?" Sam points out, but Carmen asks him if he's seen her, signifying that she's incredibly attractive. As Alejandro and Odessa walk up to the house, the former takes notice of Carmen and asks if she's Bonita's replacement. "Yes, her name is Carmen," Odessa tells Alejandro, and he tells the maid that it's nice to have her with them, commenting that hopefully she won't steal the silver; "Not that there's any left to steal." Odessa radiates a throaty chuckle, and as Alejandro attempts to enter his house, Carmen immediately steps in his way and states that it's so great to be finally meeting him. She adds that he should know she is his biggest fan and is thrilled to be working with him, but Alejandro merely turns to Odessa, confused, and the Russian housekeeper tells her boss to "just go", assuring him that she'll take care of this. Alejandro walks into the house at which Odessa steps up to Carmen and tells her, "Do not talk to Alejandro. You talk to me then I talk to him. If he wants to speak to you, answer with as few words as possible." Carmen, rattled by this, asks if she can at least say "good morning", but Odessa answers negatively; "He will tell you if it is a good morning." She then sternly walks on into the house and Carmen looks to Sam with a confused expression, at which he merely shrugs, turning away from her.

Orange juice is slowly poured into a glass as the camera moves upwards to reveal that the one pouring is Rosie, a maid, who looks over to her bosses with news.


101 10

"I got some good news yesterday," Rosie informs her employers, Peri and Spence Westmore, as they sit at their table eating breakfast, their baby, Tucker, on a high chair nearby. Rosie adds that she finally found a lawyer for immigration and that he said he could help her bring Miguel to America. Peri, who's reading a magazine, asks her maid who Miguel is, at which Spence, who's also reading, informs his wife that Miguel is Rosie's son back in Guadalajara. Rosie tells her bosses that there is a problem, explaining that this lawyer lives in San Diego and only comes to Los Angeles once a month, meaning that she could see him on Friday or Saturday but she needs a day off. Peri, who's lowered her magazine, looks at her maid with a confused face, telling her that she has back-to-back appointments on Friday and on Saturday, she's being interviewed by Showbiz L.A. Spence lowers his reading material also and suggests that his wife move the interview, unless she's afraid that she might actually have to spend time with their child, before returning to his magazine. Peri, insulted by this, argues that she's a good mother but has to stay focused now that she has a "featured career". Rosie appears disheartened that an argument has started and looks over to Spence, who reminds his wife that she's only been in three movies and battled aliens in two of them, telling her to stop acting like she's Dame Judi Dench. "It still beats being a sex symbol for bored housewives," Peri points out, but Spence recounts that he won two Soap Opera Digest Awards. Peri laughs, telling him that the fact that he thinks that's impressive makes her want to vomit and weep for him. Spence looks at his wife coldly as Rosie stands by before the maid awkwardly adds that the lawyer she has to meet is the only one she could afford. "I'm sorry, Rosie, I just can't spare you right now," Peri tells her, standing up and telling her to take it as a compliment, walking past and tapping her baby son on the head; "My little boy needs you." Rosie appears saddened as her employer walks away from her.

101 11
The Powells.

On an outside table amongst their vast mansion, Evelyn and Adrian Powell are seen eating breakfast silently, the two of them sitting rather far away from one another at opposite ends of the long table. As Evelyn eats, she notices how disconnected Adrian appears, and so decides to start a conversation by telling him that the D.A. called and that they're finally charging that waiter with Flora's murder, regarding this as good news and asking him if he thinks the same. Adrian goes to answer but backs down, remaining silent, and Evelyn loudly drops her toast point onto her plate in anger, before slamming down on the table with her hands, startling Adrian. She asks how much infantile pouting she has to put up with, and Adrian states that he's sad, asking if he's not allowed to be. "Flora was the help, it's time to smile again," Evelyn tells him, but Adrian informs his wife that Flora was the most exhilarating woman that he has ever known, at which Evelyn retorts that he should get out more. "I was in love with her... and I was teaching her to love me," Adrian reveals with a cocky smile on his face, leading to Evelyn informing him that he wasn't the only man Flora was having an affair with and making sure he realizes that. Adrian doesn't answer, seeming discomforted by this, which makes Evelyn smile before taking a composed sip from her mug. Eventually, Adrian comes out with, "That boy they arrested... you think he actually killed her?" Evelyn immediately replies negatively, but reminds her husband that if they say anything then people will start to examine their lives; "And we can't have that now, can we?" Adrian looks blankly at his wife, coming to the realization that they are to do nothing, but before she takes another sip of her morning coffee, Evelyn amends him by saying that they are to do less than nothing. The couple return to eating breakfast in silence.

Act II

101 12
Taylor's got rich people problems.

Taylor Stappord stares out of her window as her new maid Marisol approaches her from behind with a mop in her hand, alerting her boss that she finished the laundry. Taylor thanks Marisol before telling her that the kitchen sink has stopped up, requesting that she take care of that, but the maid notices how sad Mrs. Stappord appears and asks her if she's okay. Taylor turns to Marisol, saying that she's just having a bad day, and Marisol nods before asking her employer if she wants to talk about it. "I'm not sure you'd understand this kind of problem..." the saddened Mrs. Stappord tells her, extremely unsure, and Marisol nods once more as she turns around and heads for the kitchen sink. However, the maid soon changes her mind and stops in her tracks, turning back around to Taylor and re-approaching her. "I may unclog drains for a living but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. And, for what it's worth, my friends say I give really good advice." Taylor smiles before walking over to a seat, asking Marisol what she thinks of her house. Marisol comments that it's beautiful, and as Mrs. Stappord continues to walk around the furniture, she explains that every chair, painting and throw pillow was carefully chosen by Olivia Rice. The maid recognizes this name as a famous decorator, but Taylor informs Marisol that Olivia is also "the first Mrs. Stappord", as well as "a first-class psycho". She goes on to say that for 20 years, she made Michael's life unbearable; always insulting him, screaming at him and even slapping him a few times, which appears to surprise Marisol. Taylor says that Michael had to divorce Olivia but that he still felt guilty and gave her everything she asked for, such as the Jaguar, the summer house and Lupe. "Lupe?" Marisol asks, not knowing who this is, at which Taylor explains that it was Michael and Olivia's maid; a lovely woman and the only thing Taylor asked her husband to fight for, but Olivia wanted her, so she got her. As she talks, Mrs. Stappord takes a seat on the arm of her sofa, and Marisol takes a seat opposite her boss before asking her why she was crying. Taylor explains that she asked Michael if she could redecorate the house to make it her own, but he said "no", thinking it would "offend Olivia". Mrs. Stappord notes that she's been married for six months and her husband's ex-wife still comes first and says that she doesn't know how much more of this she can take. She then sighs, telling Marisol that she's ready for that good advice now, and the maid takes a moment to think before pointing out to her boss that Michael chose her; "Which means you've won! Her hold on him will weaken... eventually. In the mean time, focus on what's important: you have your health, you have money to pay your bills, and someone who adores you. In the grand scheme of things, an ex-wife's throw pillows aren't much of a problem." Taylor stares at Marisol with a blank expression, proceeding and stand up and tell her maid, "I knew you wouldn't understand." She then walks away, leaving Marisol confused and a tad insulted.

101 13
Valentina appreciates the view.

We are shown a view of Genevieve's high heel shoes as she walks towards Valentina, who's scrubbing the floors of the rich woman's house, telling Zoila, who's walking behind her, that her new therapist is a genius as he was able to tell that she needs to be on mood stabilizers within five minutes of meeting her. As the maid follows her employer through another door, she comments, "It took him that long?" and exits the room after Genevieve. As soon as her mother leaves, Valentina's eyes widen excitedly and she stands up, discarding her cleaning work, before running over to the window and peering out of it. The young lady views a shirtless Remi hop out of his pool and smiles to herself, before heading away from the window.
In the Delatour kitchen, Valentina places a kettle on the stove and starts it, proceeding to remove her shirt and jeans, taking two cups and saucers from the shelf in her underwear. She places them on the kitchen counter and lays out a tray, slicing a lemon on the chopping board and adding multiple napkins to the tray. After it's all neatly set up, Valentina takes a purse out from under the counter and pulls a clean,white, floral-patterned dress from out of it. She lays it down on the counter before taking out a make-up kit, unzipping it and checking her reflection in a small mirror as touches up her eyes.
Remi, who's wearing nothing but swimming trunks and sunglasses, is seen laying on a pool chair, sunbathing, as the shot circles around him. In slow-motion, Valentina emerges from inside the house carrying a tray containing two cups of tea, looking gorgeous and wearing the dress she earlier took out from her large handbag. She approaches Remi who looks up at his young maid and removes his sunglasses, smiling and greeting her before asking what all this is. Valentina tells her boss' son that she thought he might like some tea, before setting it down on the small table beside the athletic young man, doting a large smile upon her face. Remi comments that that was nice of her, but wonders why she prepared two cups, at which Valentina makes up an excuse by saying that must have prepared the tray for his mother when she had company and wasn't thinking and she apologizes before removing one of the cups. She begins to walk away, but Remi sits up and suggests that, since she's there, she should have a cup of tea with him, and Valentina smiles in delight, this having been her plan all along, before turning to Remi and saying, "If you insist."

101 14
And it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

At the local park, Carmen, Rosie and Zoila are sitting at a picnic bench, talking and gossiping (in Spanish), as Marisol is seen walking into the area, smiling at the other maids as she sits down at a separate bench. She looks over to the other table, and as Carmen and Zoila get wrapped up in conversation, the former stroking her small dog, Rosie turns to Marisol and smiles, greeting her with a "hi". "Hello," Marisol merrily says, and Rosie tells the newcomer that she saw her coming out of the Stappord house that morning, asking if she took over for Lupe. Marisol confirms this, saying that she's the new maid, and Carmen recounts that Lupe told them that Mr. Stappord's new wife is a hot mess, asking Marisol what she thinks. "She's okay," the newcomer replies, "Just a bit insecure. God, is it awful for me to gossip about my employers?" The other maids shake their heads at her, and Zoila comments, "Honey, if you wanna sit by us, it's a requirement." The four of them laugh and Zoila nods at the empty space at their table, gesturing for Marisol to sit there, and the newcomer agrees, grabbing her stuff and moving over to the other maids' bench.
As the maids connect and gossip further, a fair amount of time flies by, and we see the four of them later laughing about something just said. After the laughter clears, Zoila tells her comrades that, once, Genevieve asked her to hand her shampoo when she was still in the shower, but Marisol says that that's not so bad, but Zoila then adds, "She wasn't alone." The others laugh as Zoila tells them, "They were in there another hour! The whole time, I'm thinking, 'Lord, I have to clean that!'" More laughter is shared and as it dies down, Marisol asks the other three if they know all the other maids who work around the area, and they shrug, answering positively, and Marisol goes on to ask them if they knew the girl who got killed. Zoila looks to Carmen who looks to Rosie who tells Marisol that that maid's name was Flora, and the newcomer comments that that had to have been a shock. "I would have been more shocked if she were somewhere else, but those people she worked for..." Rosie says, and Marisol knows she's talking about the Powells, wondering what the former has to say about them, and Rosie says that they're "strange". Marisol wonders just what Rosie means, but Zoila suddenly intervenes, pointing out that it's late and that they have to get going, and as the three of them pack away their things, Carmen tells Marisol that it was very nice to meet her. "You too," the newcomer says, and Carmen tells Rosie to come on before the two of them and Zoila stand up from their seats and leave the table, as Marisol tells them that she'll see them around. Rosie smiles and waves at the new maid as she walks away, and she, Carmen and Zoila begin to whisper angrily to one another as they do so. Marisol turns away from her new friends, seeming a little confused.

101 15
Zoila is worried for her daughter.

Back at the Delatour's poolside, Valentina pours Remi another cup of tea as the latter divulges that at first he wasn't she he was ready to move back home, but that he forgot how nice it is there, commenting that no one waits on him back at the frat house. Valentina smiles as Remi drinks his tea, assuring him that she likes waiting on him, before noticing that he spilled a little. She quickly grabs a napkin and wipes the spilled tea from his bare inner thigh, slowing down as she realizes what she's doing. He looks at her and smiles and she retracts the napkin, tossing it to one side, and awkwardly asks what he would like for breakfast tomorrow, as she'd love to cook for him. Remi says that he doesn't know, placing his teacup back onto the tray, and tells the maid that he likes all sorts of things, asking her if she knows how to make French toast. Valentina answers negatively, but adds that she's eager to learn, and as the two of them continue to converse, Zoila is seen returning home, placing some of her things on a table beside the window, and from out of it, she views her daughter talking to her employer's son, and doesn't appear too happy.


101 16
Mrs. Powell gets a new maid.

Evelyn and Taylor are seen sitting at a table on the poolside having drinks at the latter's house, and as Marisol walks outside with a tray, Evelyn tells her friend that the house has become a disaster area as she has dirty dishes in the sink and laundry piling up, putting her at her wit's end. Marisol serves a couple plates of food and Taylor asks Evelyn why she doesn't just call the agency and have them send somebody. "I tried, they gave me attitude because Flora was murdered. I'd understand if I'd had a few maids slaughtered, but I've only lost the one. It's not fair," Evelyn explains before sipping her wine, as Marisol listens intently. She looks to Mrs. Powell and tells her that she could come clean her house, if she's having trouble finding someone. Evelyn comments that that is so sweet and turns to Marisol, saying, "Thank you, Lupe." Taylor corrects her, saying that it's Marisol, but Evelyn says that she thought her name was Lupe. Taylor states that that was the previous maid but Evelyn looks back to Marisol, assuring her that she could be Lupe's twin. Mrs. Stappord says that Marisol looks nothing like Lupe, but Evelyn says that she thought she had work done. "You thought our maid had plastic surgery?" Taylor asks in a mocking tone, but Evelyn snaps, "For God's sake, Taylor, poor people like to look pretty too!" She turns back to Marisol and smiles, and the maid smiles back before Evelyn tells her to come over to her house in the morning and bring her own supplies. She adds that she has nine bathrooms so they'll have fun, and Marisol gives off a doubtful expression, proceeding to happily walk back into the Stappord house.

101 17
Sam has a little crush on Carmen.

We are treated to a view of Alejandro Rubio's muscular arm as he lifts weights out in his garden with earphones rested in his ear, as Carmen watches happily from the window, eagerly carrying a glass of orange juice. She goes to open the door, but is approached by Odessa, who asks her what she's holding. Carmen explains that it's juice for Alejandro, but Odessa questions whether or not he asked for it. Carmen answers negatively, adding that she was watching him work out and thought he might be thirsty, but Odessa tells the maid that she should be looking at the filthy kitchen, not outside. She then takes the orange juice out of the maid's hand and proceeds out of the door to Alejandro, as Sam is seen entering the room. Carmen mutters something angrily and Sam laughs, asking her what's wrong. "The only reason I took this job was so I could become friends with Alejandro and play him my music! That's never gonna happen if that limping bitch keeps running interference," Carmen explains as she wipes down the counters, and Sam tries to point out that Odessa is just trying to protect Alejandro. "From me?" Carmen asks, carrying her cleaning equipment and grabbing a mop on her way to the kitchen, and Sam follows her, saying that if there's one thing Odessa knows how to spot, it's a pretty girl with an agenda. As Carmen begins to mop the floors, she asks, if Odessa is so paranoid, why she was hired in the first place, and Sam explains that he helps the interviews and, after meeting her, he may have lost the other résumés. At this, Carmen stops mopping and turns to Sam, playfully asking if he has a crush on her, but he tells her that he's not admitting anything. She appears to find this cute, asking why he didn't tell her, at which he says that he thought she was out of his league. "Oh, I am. But still... good to know," she tells him, touching up his collar before looking back out of the window at Odessa waiting on Alejandro, who's still working out. Sam tells the maid that he wants her to be careful around Odessa as she's smart, but Carmen evilly stares at the Russian woman, stating, "Not as smart as I am."

101 18
Peri catches Rosie on a bad day.

Hands are seen dialing on a cell phone and the shot reveals Rosie, sitting in Tucker Westmore's nursery, putting the phone to her ear. Someone answers, greeting Rosie (in Spanish, with subtitles appearing on the screen), and the maid replies that she would like to speak to her son.
Elsewhere in the house, Peri is seen carrying a crying Tucker whilst frantically searching for Rosie, not being able to find her. She calls out for the maid, saying that she's got to take the baby as she's late for her thing.
Back in the nursery, tears come to Rosie's eyes when the person on the other line (still with subtitles) asks his mother where he can see her. Rosie tells her son that she's going to see a very smart man and he's going to find a way to bring Miguel to America. Miguel tells her, clearly crying himself, that he misses her so much, but Rosie deters him from crying, assuring him that the smart man will find a way for them to be together. Miguel says that he wants to be with her, but the crying Rosie tells her son that she has to go, instructing him to tell his grandmother to watch for the check that she sent. Her son assures her that he will do so, and Rosie blesses him, saying that she loves him a lot. "I love you, Mama," he tells her, and Rosie kisses the phone before hanging up, becoming almost hysterical in her tears. Peri is seen entering the nursery and appears confused at her crying maid, and Rosie sees her boss (the scene returning to English), telling her that she did not see her. Still confused, Peri asks if there's something wrong, and Rosie says that she was just talking to her son. "Is he okay?" Peri asks, but Rosie replies that he's young and doesn't even understand why she hasn't brought him to America yet. Peri asks if the boy's father cannot explain it to him, but Rosie reveals that Miguel's father died, and that's why she had to come there, to the USA, to work. Sympathetic, Peri lets out an "Oh..." and the crying maid stares at her for a while before she says that she's late for a facial and can't miss this appointment because she's being interviewed the following day and her pores are really bad. "Go," Rosie tells her, "I'll take care of your baby." Peri smiles at her employee, and thanks her, before walking away, leaving Rosie to watch on from her boss through tear-filled eyes.

101 19
Marisol gets acquainted with Adrian Powell.

Marisol approaches the Powells' mansion carrying cleaning equipment in one hand and a slim vacuum cleaner in the other, as Evelyn stands at the entrance, waiting to greet her new maid. "Ah, the cavalry has arrived! And she's brought disinfectant," Evelyn says as she approaches Marisol, and the latter greets her new boss before asking her where she'd like her to start. The two of them head into the house together, and Evelyn says that she thought she'd start with the study, adding that it's where "it" happened (referring to Flora's murder).
They are next seen walking through the hallway leading to the Powells' study and Evelyn asks Marisol to excuse all the blood and gore, saying that she was going to clean it herself but wasn't emotionally capable; "Flora and I were so close, you see." Marisol tells her not to worry as she'll take care of it, telling her to just go and relax. "You're a cherub," Evelyn says, "That's what you are. You're a spicy little cherub." She leaves Marisol to clean, proceeding back down the hall, and now alone in the room, Marisol places her cleaning equipment on a table and her vacuum on the floor, taking a look around. Her feet move along the crime scene, making their away across broken glass, and she stops at the blood staining the carpet. She kneels down for closer inspection and begins to reach out a hand, feeling the carpet, and looks upwards, seeming sad. Suddenly, Marisol hears a noise and stands to attention, seeing that Adrian Powell has entered the room through another door. He apologizes, saying that for a second he thought she was someone else, but she introduces herself as Marisol, and that she's there to clean his home. Adrian recalls that Evelyn mentioned she would be stopping by, commenting that it's very kind of her, but Marisol assures him that she's happy to do it; "I know you and your wife have been through a lot." As the maid goes to pick a book up off the floor (the one containing Flora's note), Adrian asks her if she knew Flora, but Marisol stands up, answering negatively. He takes his cell phone from out of his inside pocket, saying that it contains a picture that he took of her, and holds it out to Marisol, who then views what Flora looked like in the phone's screen. Marisol comments that she was very lovely but Adrian says that she was not only that, she was smart, funny, vibrant and very ambitious, he then asks Marisol if she's ambitious. She looks at him blankly, seeming uncomfortable with how far he's advanced, and says that there are things that she wants, before taking the book over to the bookcase and slotting it in where there's a space. Adrian approaches her again, telling the maid that if she continues to be this nice to him, he will see to it that she gets what she wants. Marisol turns to him, giving him a suspicious look, but Adrian merely smiles, before walking away, and Marisol appears rather confused. She walks away herself, proceeding to clean the room, and the camera moves over to the book containing Flora's note and we see that it's entitled "The Peasant and the Devil".

Act IV

101 20

A van with a logo for Showbiz L.A. pulls up outside of the Westmore residents as Peri stands expectantly at the entrance. Rosie walks up behind her, Tucker in her arms, and Peri asks the maid if she fed him, saying that she can't have him screaming during the interview. The baby is passed over from Rosie and Peri and the former says that Tucker's had his bottle but that he may need his diaper changed soon, and Peri looks into her child's face, telling him that if he humiliates her, they are going to have a problem. The door to the van open and a reporter, Brenda Colfax, steps out, and Peri, recognizing her, states that this will be the best acting she's done all year. She then puts on a big smile, exclaiming Brenda's name, and the reporter greets Peri in return, asking how long it's been. Peri reminds Brenda that they last saw each other on the red carpet at the Oscars and the latter remembers, asking Peri if she forgives her for what she said about her dress. "Of course," Peri says, and Brenda adds that she was just trying to be funny. Peri tells her, "And you came so close," and the two of them laugh as they enter the house, Rosie noticing the large smile on Brenda's face suddenly vanishing as soon as she is out of Peri's view.

101 21
Valentina's new uniform.

Over at the humble Diaz residence, Valentina vacuums her own carpet as Zoila is seen returning home with a groceries, placing them on the kitchen counter, before approaching her daughter with a shopping bag. Valentina turns off the vacuum cleaner and asks her mother where she's been as she was getting worried, at which Zoila reveals that she went shopping and bought them some clothes. "Clothes?" Valentina asks, excited, and Zoila confirms this, handing her daughter the shopping bag but warning her that she wasn't sure of her size, telling her to go try it on. Valentina begins to pull the yellow clothing out of the bag as she runs merrily to her bedroom, closing the door behind her.
A small while passes and Zoila is seen patiently waiting in the same spot as before, and Valentina soon emerges from her room in a bright yellow maids' outfit, apron and all, seeming rather upset with her mother. "Mama, what is this?" Valentina wonders, at which Zoila replies it's their new uniform and that they are to wear it at work. Valentina asks why and Zoila explains that those people in that house need to be reminded of "what we're they're to do", and Valentina appears saddened. Zoila notices this and grabs her daughter's shoulders gently, before telling her, "Rich boys... they never fall in love with the help. Trust me on this." Valentina looks away sadly and her mother brushes the young lady's hair behind her ears.

101 22
Odessa reminds Carmen of her place.

Carmen hastily lays out some of Alejandro's laundry as Odessa sternly slams something down on the kitchen counter. Carmen asks what it is, and Odessa explains that it's Alejandro's iPod, saying that songs have been added... by Carmen Luna. "Explain!" Odessa demands, and Carmen tells the housekeeper, "Okay, as you know, I'm a singer..." However, Odessa states that Carmen never told her this, and the maid further explains that she thought if Alejandro liked her songs then maybe he would want to help her. She gives off a giggle, trying to assure Odessa that it's no big deal, but the latter, who's not laughing at all, says that everyday she sees people wanting things from Alejandro; needing money, asking favors. And because he's a good man, he finds it hard to say "no". It's Odessa's job to protect him from people like that; people like Carmen, but Carmen turns to Odessa, exclaiming that this is her dream. "What is that to him?" Odessa wonders, and Carmen says that she works in Alejandro's house and he therefore should care about her. Odessa asks if Carmen cares about him, and the maid pauses, before coming out with, "Yeah, sure I do." The angry Russian accuses Carmen of not caring like she does, and the maid says that she still thinks Alejandro would enjoy helping someone who's just starting out. "If you play him your music - even one song - I will fire you. Do you understand?" Odessa asks, and Carmen nods affirmatively, to which her superior remarks as "good" before walking away from her. Carmen turns back to her work, but as Odessa leaves, she stops to add something: "Oh, for what it is worth... I listened to all your songs." Carmen asks Odessa what she thinks, to which she replies, "I think you should get a new dream." Odessa then leaves via the elevator and Carmen turns back to the laundry, now appearing saddened.

101 23
"He called me 'Mama'!"

Beside the pool, Peri, with Tucker in her lap, is being interviewed by Brenda Colfax, surrounded by a film crew, as Rosie stands by. Brenda mentions that she hears Scorsese is directing her new film, asking if Peri was stunned when she heard he wanted to work with her; "Because I know I was." Peri laughs a fake laugh, telling Rosie that she thinks the baby needs changing, unless that awful smell is coming from Brenda, and Brenda appears playfully insulted as Rosie takes Tucker out of Peri's arms, carrying him inside. As the interview continues, Rosie is seen walking with Tucker into the Westmore residence, and hears Brenda describe Peri as a busy actress and a full-time mother, asking her how she does it. Peri says that it isn't easy but describes herself as a fantastic mother, which makes Rosie, who's carrying the woman's child, roll her eyes, annoyed. Brenda adds that her new movie shoots in Rome and asks if Peri will take her son on location, and Peri answers positively, going on to say that some women may be able to run off to a foreign country, leaving their kid behind with someone else, but she can't, as to her there's no excuse for abandoning one's child. Rosie appears extremely angered as she listens further to the interview on the small screen the producers are watching within the mansion, and she looks over to the baby in her arms with an idea. She takes the pacifier out of Tucker's mouth as Brenda begins to switch topics, and Rosie is next seen dashing out of the Westmore house carrying Tucker, approaching the interview and calling out frantically for Mrs. Westmore. Peri tells Rosie to be quiet as they're rolling, but the maid says it's about the baby, at which Peri stands to attention, wondering what's wrong. "No, he's fine," Rosie assures her, "He just said his first word!" Peri appears terribly excited, looking from her baby to Brenda and back to her baby, asking what her son said. At this, the maid tactfully replies, "He called me 'Mama'!" Peri's smile dissipates but Brenda begins to laugh behind her, and Rosie grins at her employer, still carrying the woman's baby in her arms.

Act V

101 24
Carmen has a plan...

One of Carmen's songs is heard playing within Alejandro's mansion at nighttime, and inside, we see Carmen listening to said song from a portable CD player as she lies on her bed, holding the CD case in her hands. She soon sits up, getting an idea, and looks at the cover of her CD which reads "Carmen" vertically down the left-hand side of a photograph of her face. She looks at it and then upwards, flipping her hair back to show some cleavage before dropping the case and leaving the room.
The song continues to play over the top as Carmen runs up the stairs of the mansion, and soon knocks on a door inside of it. Sam answers, and we now see that Carmen has dressed herself in revealing lingerie, and she smiles at Sam invitingly.
The two of them run back down the stairs, the song still playing over them, as Sam carries with him a toolbox.
Soon, Carmen crouches down within the elevator where Sam is messing with the mechanism using his tools. He looks up to her and she smiles, touching his shoulders, and he turns back to the elevator's wiring, continuing to tamper with it. He disconnects something and places it back into an electrical panel, shutting it, and the song ceases.

101 25
They busted the elevator for this?

The next morning, Odessa is seen using her elbow to press the elevator button, carrying Alejandro's breakfast tray in her hands. She looks expectantly up at the machine but the elevator doesn't seem to come; she eventually hears a crashing noise within the mechanism, and rolls her eyes. Odessa limps over to the kitchen counter and places the breakfast tray upon it, before making her way back over to the elevator, and we see Carmen's hand clutching the wall as she sneakily emerges from the kitchen. Behind Odessa's back, she sneaks over to the breakfast tray and slips a copy of her CD onto it, before covering it with a napkin and composing herself, standing beside the tray and asking Odessa if there's something wrong. The housekeeper ceases to try to get the elevator to work and turns to Carmen, explaining to her what's wrong. "Huh..." Carmen simply says, telling Odessa not to worry as she will take the tray up for her, picking up the tray and approaching the staircase. Odessa turns to Carmen and tells her to wait, causing the maid to stop, and the former says that she will take up the tray. "But... your leg. You shouldn't have to walk up all these stairs," Carmen tries, pointing out that it's her job, but Odessa grabs the tray and tries to pull it away of Carmen. She eventually succeeds, taking the try and starting to walk up the stairs, and as she does so, she tells Carmen that if she wants to help her; "Dust!" Odessa limps her way up the stairs and Carmen appears worried, quickly running over to the kitchen counter and grabbing a cloth, giving the counter a swift wipe before rushing up the staircase.
In Alejandro's bedroom, the music producer is seen sleeping as Odessa opens the curtains, allowing the light into the room and causing Alejandro to wake up. She tells him good morning, and he reciprocates, before she grabs the breakfast tray.
Carmen quickly wipes the walls on her way up the stairs, attempting to look nonchalant, and eavesdrops on what's going on in Alejandro's bedroom, as Odessa tells her employer that she hopes he slept well. Alejandro tells her that he did, and as they talk, Carmen wipes the walls more hastily on her way over to the bedroom door.
Inside, Odessa places the breakfast tray over Alejandro's lap and he seems content to be presented with pancakes, at which Odessa serves him a napkin, saying that she knows how much he likes them. However, in taking the napkins from out of their place, she reveals the copy of Carmen's CD, and looks at it with horror. "What is this?" Alejandro wonders, seeing the CD also, but Odessa assures him that it is nothing, snatching it up and angrily limping out of the bedroom.

101 26
Odessa loses something quite important.

Outside, Carmen is still wiping walls with her cloth until she hears Odessa scream, "Carmen!" At this, the maid discards her chore and begins dashing for the stairs, going to put her cloth at her waste but dropping it on the floor as she does so. Carmen runs down the stairs, not noticing the cloth at the top of them, as Odessa calls out for her again. She makes it to the surface but halts when Odessa emerges and tells her to stop right there, standing up at the platform at the top of the stairs. However, after Carmen stops, Odessa goes to confront her, and in doing so, she slips over the cloth that the maid left at the top of the stairs, before she comes tumbling down them. Carmen appears shocked, running to the foot of the stairs to make sure Odessa's okay, but once she arrives, asking her superior if she's okay, she is shocked to discover that Odessa is lying there with only one leg attached to her body, the other being prosthetic and lying a few feet away, hence her limp. Odessa groans in pain.

101 27
Valentina's new new uniform.

As Zoila sleeps on her couch in her house, Valentina is seen emerging from her bedroom and sneaking towards her mother, making sure that she's definitely asleep. She is, and Valentina smiles contently, before returning to her room. In there, she soon lays down an extensive sewing kit and unzips a segment of it, placing her bright yellow maids' outfit on the bed atop a pair of scissors and ripping off the white ribbon and apron from around the waste, throwing them into the shopping bag the dress came in. She proceeds to carefully restitch the area of the dress containing the buttons, quick unpicking a few stitches before cutting and tearing some material from the dress' bottom, resewing the seams with a needle and thread. After she is finished,s he holds the dress up to herself, though out of our view, and smiles.
The next morning, the camera follows a plate of french toast as Valentina approaches Remi at the poolside carrying his breakfast. She places the plate of food down onto the table and Remi, who's reading a newspaper, goes to thank Valentina, but upon looking at her, he sees that she's in a now pretty, tight and revealing yellow dress, which the young maid she looks gorgeous in. Remi is speechless, and merely looks up at Valentina, who tells him that she made him french toast. "Uh..." he says, struggling to concentrate, "Thanks." Valentina asks him if he'll be wanting anything else, and, still distracted by her beauty, Remi shakes his head and says "no". Valentina smiles to herself as she turns around, walking away victorious as Remi stares at her from behind.

101 28
Tucker's lips are sealed.

We see Rosie wiping down the table of the Westmore house as Spence approaches her, telling his maid that, out of nowhere, Peri told him that they should let Rosie see her lawyer tomorrow as she all of a sudden wants to spend some quality time with their son. Rosie continues to happily wipe the table as Spence tells her that he was shocked, but she says that she's not as if there's one thing she knows about women, rich or poor; "We all want to be thought of as good mothers." Rosie takes the the dirty dishes and carries them over to the sink as the shot moves over to Peri outside who's holding her baby in front of her, telling him, "Say it! Say 'Mama'! Oh, come on, you're not even trying!" Tucker merely screams at his mother.

101 29
Carmen says good morning.

Sam is seen on the phone over at Alejandro's home, telling whoever's on the other line that he'll "tell him", before hanging up and approaching his employer, who emerges from the stairs. Sam informs Alejandro that Odessa's fine but that the doctors want to keep her in the hospital for a few days for observation. Alejandro nods, saying to just make sure Odessa knows that he'll pay for everything - "Including her new, um..." he taps his thigh. "Leg?" Sam says, and Alejandro confirms this, leading Sam to assure his boss that he'll report this to Odessa. As Sam walks away, Alejandro approaches the table, and suddenly hears the sound of singing from nearby. He turns around to see Carmen dusting, her being where the song is coming from, and he asks her what her name is again. The maid turns to him and replies "Carmen," at which he tells her that she's got a nice voice. Smiling, Carmen thanks him; "And if I haven't said so yet... good morning." Her smile widens as she leaves the area, feather duster still in hand, and Alejandro turns back to the table, a little confused, before shrugging it off.

101 30
Olivia Rice crashes the party.

At the Stappords' mansion, in which the Powells are in attendance, Michael stands up, saying that he'd like to make a toast to his wife, and Taylor smiles coyly as everyone else at the table raises their glass in honor of her. He continues in saying that he knows this will be the best birthday he's ever had as it will be his first birthday that he celebrates with Taylor as his wife. "Cheers!" he says, and everyone else reciprocates before drinking their drinks, and as Michael sits down, Taylor tells Marisol, who's standing by, that she can serve the soup now. Marisol begins to make her way over to the kitchen but the doorbell sounds and she changes direction, heading to the front door as Michael asks who on Earth that could be. Marisol approaches the door and opens it to a woman she doesn't recognize, Olivia Rice, Michael's ex-wife, and asks her if she can help her. Olivia shakes her head, simply walking on indoors right past Marisol, and as Taylor and Michael are kissing one another at the dinner table, they are shocked to look up and see the latter's ex-wife enter the dining room. As Olivia walks further inside, she clutches a small box in her arms, and Marisol apologizes to the Stappords, saying that she "just came in". Michael tells the maid that it's okay, before asking his ex-wife what's going on, and Olivia gestures the box in her hands, saying that she brought him a birthday present. "Well..." Michael tries, telling Olivia that that's very nice but that this isn't a very good time, and Olivia laughs, realizing that her ex-husband is hosting a party. Taylor looks at her husband, clearly unhappy, and Olivia begins walking around the table with a large grin on her face. Taking note of the guests, she places her hand on Adrian's shoulder, and comments that these are the same people she invited to his birthday last year; "Of course, none of them call me anymore. I guess they're your friends now."

101 31
"Do not screw with me, bitch, or you will live to regret it!"

Taylor begs her husband to do something and Marisol too makes her way around the table, as Olivia continues, saying that she was wondering what she could give Michael to mark this important occasion, and she found it. She then places the box down on the dinner table and opens the lid, revealing a crystal heart to be inside, and she carefully picks it up, asking if it isn't lovely. "Now, please be careful with it," Olivia says, "Okay? Because... I gave you my heart once before..." Taylor appears worried as Olivia keeps on approaching her and Michael, and Marisol walks further around the table, slowly, nearing Olivia, who wipes a tear from her eye, finishing with, "And you broke it." Michael looks at his ex-wife, speechless, and the teary eyed woman asks, "Didn't you, Michael?" No answer is given. "Didn't you?!" Olivia exclaims in utter fury as she throws the crystal heart at Michael's head, causing the thing to hit the wall and shatter when Mr. Stappord ducks. Marisol hastily walks over to Olivia, restraining her arms and declaring it enough. Olivia resists, ordering the maid to unhand her, but Marisol grabs the woman's wrist and shouts, "Do not screw with me, bitch, or you will live to regret it!" She begins to roughly escort Olivia away from the dinner table as the crazy middle-aged woman calls out for Michael, who doesn't respond. The other guests appear amused at the fact that Marisol is dragging Olivia to the door, telling her that if she wants to talk about how unfair life is, that's great, as she knows all about that. She then pushes Olivia out of the open door and she turns to Marisol, who says, "You wanna know what I've lost? How I've suffered? Of course not. Because to people like you... I'm just the woman who opens the door." Upon stating this, Marisol slams the door in Olivia's face and makes her way back over to the dining room, where she is taken aback to see that all of the party guests are staring in her direction. "I worked really hard on this dinner," she announces, "I'll be damned if I let anyone ruin it." At this, Adrian begins to laugh, clapping for what the maid has just done, and the other guests begin to join in, happy that Marisol rid them of Olivia, and in such an entertaining manner. Marisol appears happy as she makes her way over to the kitchen and a still-shocked Taylor stands up and follows her new employee into the other room, as Michael still appears speechless after the previous event.
In the kitchen, Marisol is approached by Taylor, who stops her maid and assures her that she has a job there for as long as she wants one. Taylor then hugs her maid, thankful, and Mrs. Stappord returns to her guests as Marisol turns around and smiles widely.

101 32
What's Marisol really doing here?

Later, after the party's over, Marisol sees the guests off at the door as the leave, and Evelyn approaches the new maid, commenting that tonight was a triumph for her. Marisol stipulates that she did put on a bit of a show, and whilst Evelyn walks away, Adrian leans in closer to Marisol and tells her that he's never seen a maid quite like her. "Well... thank you," she says, thinking he's about to leave, however, he moves in closer still and says that he's in fact fairly sure she's not a maid. He then whispers more quietly, "And I can't wait to find out what you're really doing here." Marisol appears discomforted by this and Adrian eventually walks away from her, rejoining his wife and leaving the party. The shot moves away from Marisol and down one of the guests' expensive cars, fading into the next scene.
Marisol walks through the park that she met the three other maids' in the previous day and is called over by Rosie, who is at a park bench with Zoila, Carmen and Valentina, all of whom give off a wave to the newcomer. Marisol waves in reply, but proceeds to walk past them, on her way somewhere else.

101 33
A revelation...

Marisol is next seen waiting in a chair on the visitors' side of a prison's visitors' room, appearing nervous and uneasy within her reflection in the glass. She puts on a smile for the person she's waiting to talk to as he walks over dressed in an orange jumpsuit and sits down on the opposite side of the glass. Marisol picks up the phone to talk to the prisoner who just so happens to be none other than the man arrested for Flora's murder, having been found holding the bloody knife used to stab her. He lifts the phone on his side of the glass off of the receiver and Marisol greets him, before asking how he's doing. The prisoner sighs, simply saying "not good" before adding, "I wanna get out of here, mom." Marisol nods, taking a deep breath, and assures her son, "I'm working on it, baby. I'm working on it." She then presses her hand up to the glass and her son does the same in reply so that their fingers make contact through the transparent layer.



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