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You said to call if I heard anything interesting about Spence Westmore...
Officer Carter, "War and Grease"

Officer Carter is a minor character on Devious Maids. He is a corrupt guard who works at the prison Spence Westmore is detained in. A member of a cult known as The Circle, he keeps tabs on Spence's visits with Rosie and reports back any information he gains.


Season 4

Officer Carter 403
Officer Carter gives Ben some information. ("War and Grease")

Following Peri Westmore's gruesome murder, Spence is brainwashed by Benjamin Pacheco into telling the police that it is he who killed her. With Spence arrested and thrown in prison, Ben pays a corrupt guard known as Officer Carter to contact him if he ever hears any information regarding the new prisoner. Officer Carter stands by in the prison visiting room when Rosie comes to tell Spence she has found him an alibi in the form of a stripper. Once she's gone, Officer Carter goes away in private to call Ben; he reminds him of how he asked that he call if he heard anything interesting about Spence. When questioned what the information is, Officer Carter tells Ben of Rosie having found an alibi. Ben finds that information quite interesting. ("War and Grease")

Officer Carter 408
Rosie starts to catch on that she's being spied on. ("I Saw the Shine")

As Rosie continues to investigate Peri's murder, she visits the prison where she takes notice of Officer Carter's bag, seeing that he owns a Joynetics book, implying that he is working with The Circle, a cult that Rosie believes has something to do with the actress' death. Carter acknowledges that Rosie must be back visiting to see Spence again, and that they probably have a lot to talk about. As this raises the maid's suspicions, she becomes certain something is up when she finds Carter joining them to watch in the visitor's room. Because of this, she's afraid to discuss any further information she has dug up, wishing to have a conjugal visit so they can be alone. Spence points out that those are only available for married couples, and so Rosie believes this to be as good as time as any to re-propose to him. Officer Carter is later present as Rosie and Spence see through their small ceremony and leave for their visit alone, in hopes that Officer Carter won't hear them as he waits outside. ("I Saw the Shine")