Grime and Punishment
Devious Maids 4x10
August 8, 2016
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"Grime and Punishment" is the 49th episode of Devious Maids, as well as its fourth season's finale and series finale.


Zoila discovers a huge secret that finally helps Rosie get to the truth about Peri’s murder. Carmen and Danni find themselves in a dangerous situation. Genevieve makes a new friend and Marisol attempts to get closure with Peter. Adrian has big news to share, bringing Evelyn one step closer to finalizing the divorce she’s always wanted.


410 01
The Powells' divorce is... complicated.

Evelyn meets with Adrian to discuss the terms of their pending divorce and, to her shock, he is willing to give her everything that she wants without argument. She finds this suspicious though and, when she approaches him to talk about it, she is further shocked to learn that he is engaged to Gail Fleming. She tells this to Marisol who rightfully assumes that Adrian is playing a very high-stakes game of chicken, wanting Evelyn to succumb to jealousy and have him call the whole thing off, but Mrs. Powell decides that if that's what her soon-to-be ex-husband wants... then chicken they shall play. As such, she approaches Gail about the engagement party that is to be held in the mansion later, convincing her to turn it into an impromptu wedding so as to lock Adrian down before his wandering eye gets the best of him. Gail agrees that it would be a nice surprise for the guests, and Evelyn convinces her that Adrian will love the idea; however, when Adrian is alerted, he approaches Evelyn, clearly panicked, and points out that he can't marry Gail while the two of them are still married. Evelyn says that she has the divorce documents ready to be signed, and Judge Winslow is a party guest so he can witness the signing to make it official. The game of chicken continues as Adrian opens a bottle of wine that was supposed to be saved for their 50th anniversary, and the two of them eventually go through with signing the papers, making sure to say how much they despise one another. However, this simply leads to the two of them kissing passionately, and making love while the party goes on outside.

410 02
These maids aren't messing around.

Carmen is shocked to learn that Hugh Metzger is a rapist, which Rosie takes to mean that he's also the man who killed Peri, and she calls Danni to make sure she's okay after her callback the night before. At first, Danni refuses to believe that Hugh is trying to rape her and accuses Carmen of being a jealous saboteur, but then he offers her a drink and her suspicions rise, leading her to switch their glasses and cause Hugh to pass out from his own drugs. Meanwhile, the Westmore house is invaded by police searching for Spence, for he has escaped prison alongside Kill Face. As the search goes on, Danni summons Carmen to where she is and shows her the unconscious Hugh, leading Carmen to get an idea. Just as Rosie is telling Detective Shaw about how Spence is innocent and that she thinks Hugh - whom Shaw has heard bad things about - is the killer, Carmen texts her that she has Hugh unconscious and it's time to make him talk. The maids proceed to tie him up and threaten him with oven cleaner (and a lighter) if he doesn't loosen his tongue, and he ends up confessing that he raped Peri and fathered Tucker and that The Circle has been using that to extort him for years. On the night of the murder, Peri caught him about to rape another girl and threatened to expose him; Ben assured his protection under The Circle, but Hugh left after that and doesn't know the identity of the killer. He promptly has a heart attack, coming to realize that the killer might be a certain "she", and the maids call the paramedics and get out of there. Danni later thanks Carmen with a "gift" and Carmen accepts Danni as her daughter, wanting to start fresh with a proper relationship. Danni likes the idea, but continues to lie about her birth father Lucas being alive.

410 03
Genevieve meets someone who aids her in a revelation.

Genevieve decides to go to therapy following the revelation that she was in fact raped by Hugh Metzger and, in the waiting room, she meets a fellow Beverly Hills socialite by the name of Lori. She is there because she's getting over a two-year-old break up, which Genevieve can relate to, having carried a torch for Peter for twenty years. The two of them bond over the complementary champagne and when Lori hears Genevieve's full story, she calls Peter a real "a-hole" for leaving her after she was raped without bothering to hear what she had to say. Men behaving in such a way makes Lori glad she's a lesbian, which Genevieve is surprised to hear, though she soon understands the appeal when Lori lists off all the perks. Soon enough, Genevieve's appointment is ready, but she no longer needs it because chatting with Lori has been therapeutic enough. Marisol, meanwhile, has a whole host of flowers delivered to Peter's office to echo the morning after their first date, and is able to sneak in with the florists in order to apologize to him. She makes clear just how sorry she is and how much she loves him, but he can't forgive her. Later, Peter meets with Genevieve who wants to relay what an "a-hole" he is. While she finally accepts that things are over between them, she thinks it's wrong of him to toss Marisol aside the way he did with her, and convinces him not to let go of another great love.

410 04
Zoila is accepting of Fiona wanting to fire her.

Zoila is busy steaming Fiona's gowns when the latter approaches to berate her for not fetching the mail, then mentioning that she saw the handsome neighbor next door, causing Zoila to rush over there because she believes Kyle to be waiting. Meanwhile, she has a piece of mail of her own, and Fiona throws it into the trash. Zoila is soon taken aback to discover that the man next door isn't Kyle, but Spence, who's escaped prison and is now hiding out with Kill Face. He is warned that the police have threatened to use deadly force in his recapture, and Zoila offers to bring he and his fugitive friend some food to sate them in their hideout. As she goes home to collect said food, she discovers her mail in the trash - an envelope from Kyle, containing both an apology note and the USB with the video of Peri confessing all her secrets. Knowing this to be crucial in finding out the real killer, Zoila rushes it over to Marisol's house, where Rosie is currently discussing who the woman is that Hugh was talking about prior to his heart attack. She is happy to be presented with the video, while Zoila returns home and panics when she sees Fiona watching a news report about Spence having escaped, and she comes to realize that he's the man she saw skulking around next door earlier. Zoila, deciding she'd rather be fired, snatches Fiona's phone before she can call the police and rushes over to warn Spence that his cover's been blown. The cops soon arrive and Kill Face thinks Zoila is to blame, wanting to shoot her; Spence tries to stop his friend from doing this, and a struggle ensues, ending in a gunshot. Kill Face flees the scene while Spence collapses into Zoila's arms, having sustained a bullet to the gut.

Gail EL 410
The mystery is unveiled, and Peri's killer is revealed...

Marisol and Rosie watch the video of Peri confessing her secrets and learn that, after she was raped, Hugh's daughter came over and offered to have her father make her into a huge movie star in return for her silence. Peri abode by this deal, and Rosie surmises that Hugh's daughter is the one who killed her; a quick internet search reveals that said daughter is in fact... Gail Fleming, who's currently in hospital checking in on her father following his heart attack. She then heads to the engagement party, desperately needing a drink, and Marisol and Carmen work to redirect her to the mansion's study, where they say Adrian is waiting. However, when Gail arrives, Adrian is nowhere to be seen - just Rosie, who confronts Gail about what she did. It is unveiled that, after Peri discovered him trying to rape a girl, Hugh confided everything in Gail who then headed to the Westmore house in the middle of the night to make sure that Peri honored the deal they made after she was impregnated. Peri refused to keep quiet any longer though and, fearing the status of her family, Gail took the actress' American Award and followed her upstairs with it, proceeding to lunge it into her throat in order to ensure her silence, permanently. In the present, Gail is relieved to admit that this is true, believing she deserves a medal for ridding the world of Peri Westmore, and points out that no one will believe Rosie because she's just a dumb maid. But Detective Shaw believes her, having been listening in this entire time, and the police go on to cart Gail off to jail to pay for her crimes.

Marisol 410
The engagement party lives up to its name.

Rosie arrives at Frances' house following Spence's shooting and wonders if he really needs to be in handcuffs since he's been proven innocent. A story is then spun about how Kill Face, who's still on the loose, forced him to escape prison and shot him when he tried to get away, and Detective Shaw decides to accept this as true since Spence has been through enough already. The handcuffs are removed. Meanwhile, Gail's arrest has really put a downer on the engagement party, though the Powells seems relatively unfazed following their eleven minute session of rigorous love-making. Since neither of them are in relationships anymore, Adrian wonders if perhaps they should just tear up the divorce papers and stay married, but Evelyn has yet to reply. Nearby, Peter arrives at the party and realizes what a mistake he made in writing off Marisol. He now wants to make things right by proposing, as he intended originally, and Marisol accepts. After being fired by Fiona, Zoila goes to Genevieve in need of her job back, and Genevieve is only too happy to oblige. However, they set a new rule that neither of them can meddle in one another's lives, meaning Zoila does not question Genevieve's date with Lori. The rich woman points out that after all her failed husbands, maybe what she needs now is a wife, and Zoila is surprised by the news. Finally, Spence is allowed home and reunites with Rosie, Miguel and Tucker. Jesse then handles the boys while Rosie tells Spence some big news. While it seems she's about to confess Tucker's parentage, she actually tells Spence that she's pregnant, and he is beyond thrilled.

410 07
What's happened to Marisol...?

One year later, and Marisol is scheduled to be married to Peter. The maids all seem in good places in their lives, with Rosie having had her baby in this time, but the festivities soon turn awkward when the bride doesn't walk down the aisle when she's supposed to. Instead, Evelyn, as the maid of honor, enters the chapel and reveals that she doesn't know where Marisol has gone, for she was right behind her, and Rosie, Carmen and Zoila head off to investigate. They wonder if perhaps Marisol got cold feet, finding a note in her dressing room which reads "I'm sorry"; however, there is a window which has been broken from the outside, and one shard of glass even has blood on it. Marisol didn't get cold feet - it seems she was kidnapped, and the maids are only left to wonder who took her, and where...


  • Shooting for "Much Ado About Buffing" and "Grime and Punishment" began on April 7, 2016 and ended on April 28, 2016.[2][3]
  • This is the first and only season to feature all of the current series' regulars in the finale.
  • For the scene where Rosie, Carmen, and Daniela take Hugh Metzger hostage, the writers had considered using Windex and bleach, among other products, to spray in his face.[4]
  • Writer Brian Tanen believes there to be a line that didn't make the final cut of the episode that confirmed both Hugh Metzger and Gail Fleming would be going to prison for their crimes.[5]
  • The big cliffhanger at the end of the episode was asked by Lifetime executives. Despite the writing team trying to please them to get renewed, they eventually decided to cancel the series.[6]
    • Writer Curtis Kheel later apologized to the fans, saying: "This was a GREAT cliffhanger but a TERRIBLE way to end the series... The writers never would’ve wanted to leave u hanging like that. It’s not fair. If we'd known it was the end, we wouldn't have done it".[7]
  • Guest star Sharon Lawrence (Lori) portrayed the role of Maisy Gibbons, a local mom who resorted to prostitution as a way of bringing in some extra cash, in the first season of Desperate Housewives.


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