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Her name is Evelyn. Evelyn. It's a very simple combination of the words 'evil' and 'villain'.
Adrian Powell, "Whiplash"

Evelyn Powell is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. While she brings the moniker of "rich bitch" to all new heights, Evelyn is just as devious as the maids she so loves to berate. Her marriage to the infamous Adrian Powell has clouded her deeply-hidden sweet disposition over the years, with the only reason they've managed to last so long as a couple being their high tolerance for perversion and adultery, but still they love each other, and Evelyn would like nothing more than to find contentment in their incomplete family unit. This can't happen, though, unless they keep their skeletons hidden firmly in the closet... and the Powell mansion has an awful lot of closets.


Early Life

I took my eyes off Barrett for ten seconds, it's not my fault he's dead.
Evelyn Powell, "Look Back in Anger"

As a child, whenever Evelyn would misbehave, her mother would wash her mouth with soap. ("Terms of Endearment") She also took equestrian lessons, something she adored when growing up. ("From Here to Eternity") Eventually, Evelyn's relationship with her mother becomes complicated enough to nearly make her angry when she is compared to her. ("The Awful Truth") Evelyn dates a man by the name of Maxwell Rose, but when he chooses to marry a woman named Sheila, she meets and marries Adrian Powell, wedding him in 1989. ("Wiping Away the Past", "Look Back in Anger") Before marrying Adrian, there were multiple other men Evelyn could have married instead. ("From Here to Eternity") On the night of their wedding, Evelyn gifts Adrian with an antique bottle of wine salvaged from the crash of the Hindenburg, to be consumed on their 50th anniversary. ("Grime and Punishment") Later, on their honeymoon, the two of them dance a tango. ("You Can't Take It With You") In the early years of her marriage with Adrian, the couple befriended Nick and Dahlia Deering, going onto become their best friends, and spending numerous weekends and vacations with one another. ("Dangerous Liaisons", "Look Back in Anger") A majority of the Powells' money was passed down through Evelyn's family. ("War and Grease")

Evelyn EL 213
Evelyn, moments before her son's death. ("Look Back in Anger")

Evelyn and Adrian went on to have a son named Barrett. ("Taking Out the Trash") One day, Barrett was playing ball in the house and accidentally broke a very expensive vase. Like Evelyn, he was willful, but when the vase broke she was very angry. She called him a very bad boy and proceeded to ground him. ("Terms of Endearment") Days later, however, when taking him to the park to celebrate his seventh birthday, Evelyn was supposed to be watching him as he rode his bike. She ended up looking away for a few brief seconds, but in that time he was hit by a car and killed. Instead of checking to see if Barrett was alright, the car sped away, and unbeknownst to the Powells, the driver of said car was none other than their dear friend, Nick. Out of guilt, the Deerings began to distance themselves from the Powells, thus ending their friendship, and still never revealing the truth behind Barrett's death. ("Look Back in Anger")

Adrian blamed Evelyn for the death of their son and she feared that he would leave her. However, he agreed not to do so if she in turn agreed to let him run what she would come to refer to as his "disgusting little hobby" - the hiring of prostitutes who he would then set up with his rich friends and film from a secret room in the house, accumulating a vast collection of DVDs over the years. ("Making Your Bed", "Taking Out the Trash", "Walking the Dog") There was a point in time where the couple had considered adopting a child, but Adrian was against it. ("She Done Him Wrong") At an unknown point following Barrett's passing, Evelyn began to lose her mind, going as far as mistaking another woman's child as her own. In order to help, Adrian sends her to a therapist by the name of Dr. Weiller. ("Scrambling the Eggs") At some point, the Powells acquire a penthouse in Manhattan that Evelyn goes through a great deal of effort renovating. ("Look Back in Anger", "Grime and Punishment")

Season 1

Love can't seem to unite us. Why not try hatred?
Evelyn Powell, "Totally Clean"
Evelyn 101
Evelyn doesn't want people looking into her and Adrian's lives. ("Pilot")

During a party which is being held at the Powell residence, Evelyn, Adrian and their maid, Flora are talking in private. After discovering the latter two have been sleeping together, Evelyn warns Flora that if she doesn’t stop she’ll have her deported. After Flora agrees, the couple go and enjoy the rest of their party…until Flora ends up being murdered. A while later, Evelyn informs Adrian that an arrest has been made in the Flora case, regarding this as good news, but when he continues to act depressed she becomes enraged and tells him to get over it as she was only the help and he wasn’t the only man she was sleeping with. Adrian then asks if she thinks the boy who was arrested killed Flora. Evelyn tells him she doesn’t, but they shouldn’t tell the police as they don’t want them looking into their lives. Even later, when Evelyn has dinner with her friend Taylor she comments on how hard it has been finding a new maid since Flora’s murder. Marisol, Taylor’s new maid who is actually undercover, overhears this and offers to help clean, hoping to find clues. Once Marisol arrives to clean, Evelyn leads her to the room in which Flora was murdered in, which is still covered in blood. The Powells later visit the Stappord house to celebrate Michael’s birthday. When it’s over she congratulates Marisol on kicking out Michael’s ex-wife, Olivia, who crashed the party. ("Pilot")

Evelyn 102
Marisol offers to work for Evelyn on her day off. ("Setting the Table")

During a luncheon at the Stappord house Marisol runs into Evelyn and wonders if she’s had any luck finding a new housekeeper. After Evelyn explains that the agency sent her someone useless, Marisol offers to come and help. Evelyn points out that she works for Taylor full time, but she offers to come in on her day off. Evelyn wonders why she’s so eager to work for them, so Marisol tells her they seem like nice people. Evelyn doesn’t believe this, so Marisol lies that she needs the money; this answer convinces her. She agrees to let Marisol come work for her as long as she gets Taylor’s permission, because “to steal another woman’s husband is rude, but to steal her maid is unforgivable”. When Marisol asks for Taylor’s permission, she is denied. Marisol calls Evelyn to inform her of Taylor’s decision and when she hangs up Adrian asks about it and they both conclude that Marisol very much wants this job for some reason. Adrian explains that he’ll have to have a word with Taylor. He does just this and Marisol walks in on them talking. A seemingly distressed Taylor tells Marisol that she’s welcome to work for the Powells…implying that Adrian is threatening her with something. When Marisol starts working for the Powells she finds a note left by Flora that wrote “I was raped”. However, before she can read anymore Adrian takes it away and burns it. ("Setting the Table")

Evelyn 103
Evelyn asks Adrian not to involve her friend in his "disgusting hobby". ("Wiping Away the Past")

When Evelyn's friend Maxwell Rose comes to stay at the Powell's home temporarily she interrupts one of Adrian's fantasies about Flora so they can go and greet him. Once settled, Maxwell tells the story of his divorce and the couple try to comfort him. After Max heads up to bed, Evelyn begs Adrian not to involve her friend in his "disgusting hobby". Adrian senses that she has feelings for Max and taunts her over this, but she simply begs for Adrian to leave him alone as it will hurt her. Adrian tells her he plans on using Max regardless and hurting Evelyn will just be a bonus. Later on, as Max gets dressed up, he reveals to Evelyn that he's moving to Los Angeles and he's meeting up with a girl Adrian is introducing him to. Evelyn gets upset over this and he apologises, asking if he was insensitive. She shrugs it off and tells him they're friends so they should be able to discuss things like this. He reminds her of a time when they could have been more than friends but they both chose other people. He confesses to regretting his decision and asks Evelyn if she does to, however, she ignores his question and suggest he don't move to Los Angeles as it "changes people". When she tries to leave, he asks her again if she regrets her decision, but she tells him it doesn't matter as Adrian is "what she deserves". Later on, after Max has met the woman and he becomes drunk, she watches as he's taken to a room by her for sex...and she is not happy. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Evelyn 105
Evelyn and Adrian celebrate their son's birthday. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Marisol finds Evelyn crying as she watches a home movie of a young boy. When she implies talking about it, Evelyn acts like nothing is wrong before going back to watching the video. Later on, as Evelyn stands quietly over a fire, Adrian announces that they're going to a dinner on Thursday. A furious Evelyn slaps her husband, reminding him Thursday is the eighteenth, questioning "how he could forget". After realising his mistake, he apologises and tells his wife she was right to strike him. The next day, as Evelyn is deciding which sweater she wants to give as a present, she explains to Marisol that she and Adrian had a son, Barrett, who was killed fifteen years ago. A shocked Marisol asks why she's buying a present for her dead son, so Evelyn explains that she and Adrian decided to only discuss him once a year on his birthday when they buy him presents. Marisol gives her condolences, but Evelyn quickly moves on and decides the sweater she thinks he'd like most. Marisol then helps Evelyn wrap the present and the two discuss the former's son and their relationship. Evelyn wonders if Barrett would've liked her, so Marisol assures her that he would've loved her very much. Evelyn explains that she wouldn't mind if he hated her as long as he was alive. That night, Evelyn and Adrian celebrate Barrett's birthday over a candlelit cake as they open presents. She asks Adrian if he's forgiven her, but he tells her he hasn't, asking if she'd be able to forgive him for causing the death of their son. An argument ensues but after Adrian points out she's ruining the birthday, she apologises..."for everything". The two then holds hands as they discuss plans for Barrett's next birthday. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Evelyn 106
Evelyn gives Marisol DVD's that show Taylor having sex with Adrian's "clients". ("Walking the Dog")

After Eddie remembers that Flora had been blackmailing someone about a DVD, Marisol begins scouring the Powells' house to find it. Evelyn catches her with the DVD named "Taylor #3" and mentions it to Adrian, assuming that Marisol is disgusted by her discovery of his disgusting “little hobby”. He, however, speculates that Marisol might have other reasons for her interest in the DVDs and suggests that they fire her, an idea Evelyn shoots down. Some time later, Marisol stops by the Powell house with the fake pretext of having forgotten her spare key there, and asks to take a look around the study. Adrian, delighted and intent on playing the game, allows her to, but Marisol is unable to retrieve the DVD, which has been moved. She then wises up to the fact that Adrian might be on to her. Therefore, she decides to go in another direction: she makes martinis for Michael and Taylor and reveals to them that Adrian has a collection of DVDs of Taylor's sessions. Marisol offers to steal them, but she'd have to know where he keeps them stored. Michael keeps drinking, and Taylor asks them if he knew anything, but he doesn't respond and storms out. The women follow him to the Powell house, concerned, to find Michael beating up Adrian and demanding to know where the DVDs are. Evelyn shows up with a baseball bat, however, and intimidates Michael into stopping. She then takes Marisol to a room hidden at the end of a hallway where she sees a camera pointing at a one-way glass, on the other side of which is the bedroom where the prostitution sessions took place. On the walls are several shelves filled with an extensive collection of DVDs. Evelyn picks up the Taylor collection, and Marisol notices several DVDs bearing Flora's name. On their way out of the Powell house, Evelyn tells Marisol that she is fired. ("Walking the Dog")

Evelyn 107
Olivia comforts Evelyn in a time of need. ("Taking a Message")

After firing Marisol for being unable to keep her and Adrian's secrets, Evelyn is in dire need of a maid, with the agency having sent over the decrepit old Dong Mei who barely even speaks English. Olivia wonders why they couldn't send someone better, as she meets her friend for tea, and Evelyn reveals that she still receives attitude due to Flora's murder. This revelation frightens Dong Mei, who refuses to work in a house where an employee has already been killed, and Olivia watches amused as Evelyn chases the old Cantonese woman through the mansion trying to convince her of her safety. Later, Evelyn calls Olivia in tears and the latter leaves a meeting with her therapist in order to come comfort her, shocked to learn that the reason for her friend's distress is the fact that her brand new vacuum cleaner doesn't work. There is deeper meaning to this, however, for Evelyn soon breaks down with the exclamation that everybody leaves her, realizing that her problem is that she has too much spare time to spend in this big empty house which forces her to think about her life and how unhappy she really is. Olivia hugs her and assures her that she will get a fine new maid, and everything will be back on track after that. Evelyn then points out the irony of the situation: her life sucks, but her vacuum doesn't. Later on, Rosie shows up at the Powells' mansion, applying for a job as a maid, having been sent by Marisol. ("Taking a Message")

Evelyn 108
Evelyn bonds with Tucker Westmore. ("Minding the Baby")

At Marisol’s behest, Rosie is now working for the Powells. While Evelyn is at first upset that Rosie takes the Westmore’s son to work, she finds herself enchanted by him. Her preoccupation with the baby allows Rosie to go through all of the tapes of Flora in the Powells' secret room. She does not find the one Marisol is looking for, and when she realizes that Evelyn has taken the Westmore’s son out for a far longer time than she had said, is rightfully angry. When Evelyn returns with the missing baby, Rosie tells her she quits. Though Marisol is at first angry, she realizes that her single-minded quest to find Flora’s real killer is negatively affecting other people’s lives and other people’s children. This triggers the confession she makes to Olivia. When Rosie goes back to get her last payment from Evelyn, she sees that the Powells have hidden one of Flora’s DVDs in their safe. Rosie tells Evelyn she wants to work for her again, and while Evelyn is distracted by baby Westmore, Rosie sneaks into the safe - the password is BARRETT, the name of the Powells' dead son - and steals Flora’s DVD. ("Minding the Baby")

Evelyn 109
Adrian puts a stop to Evelyn's obsession. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Rosie is still working at the Powells and allowing Evelyn to creepily become attached to Tucker. When Adrian unexpectedly returns home mid-day from a business trip, he warns Rosie not to bring Tucker around Evelyn. He also shows his interest in Rosie by telling her she can come by his house whenever she likes. Rosie promptly quits. Later, she and a recovered Spence start to get frisky in front of the Westmore’s huge glass windows, and Evelyn catches them in the act. When Rosie goes to discuss what happened with Evelyn, Evelyn blackmails her into bringing Tucker around in exchange for her keeping their affair a secret. When Rosie discusses this with Spence, he says he is willing to tell Peri about their love so that he can be with Rosie, but Rosie implores him to try to make his relationship with his wife work for Tucker’s sake. The only way she wants to be with Spence is if he has tried to work on his marriage before he gives up on it. The two resolve to meet with Adrian to see if he can get Evelyn to agree not to blackmail them. He does this by reminding her of the inappropriate attachments she has formed with young children in the past, and how she eventually mistook them for her own son. He also gives her the affection she seeks from him in order to make her stop blackmailing the Westmores. After telling Rosie she does not have to worry about Evelyn exposing her affair, he also says that she owes him a favor. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Evelyn 112
Evelyn tells Adrian that she wants a divorce. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Adrian has an erotic dream about Flora Hernandez and he awakens to find Evelyn stroking him. Noticing he had an erection, she assumes he'd want to engage in sexual activities with her and so tries to initiate them. He gets out of bed and claims to not be in the mood, making jokes that he was dreaming about their stocks. Evelyn becomes angry and so he apologises. When she asks who he was really dreaming about, he hints towards it being Flora, leading Evelyn to claim she's glad she's dead. Later, Evelyn meets up with Genevieve for tea. The latter asks if she can have her wedding party at the former's house to reduce the stress of everyone who doesn't support her relationship with Philippe. Evelyn agrees and then questions Genevieve's sex life. As Genevieve talks about how it's better than ever and it's never too late for love, Evelyn becomes uncomfortable because of her own dwindling sex life. Even later, Evelyn questions Adrian about how much money they own. When he reveals it's around one-hundred million, she claims she'll be expecting fifty million in their divorce; forty if she's feeling generous. Adrian is shocked by the reveal of a divorce and so Evelyn explains that she needs to find someone who will love her. He claims he does love her, he just doesn't want to touch her. Angered by this comment, Evelyn decides to go with the fifty million. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Evelyn 113
The reconciled Powells are saved by a bunch of maids. ("Totally Clean")

During a meeting with lawyer to discuss their divorce settlement, the Powells learn that Taylor has been shot, causing a miscarriage. Evelyn breaks into tears and Adrian comforts her, calling off the divorce. After a talk with Philippe, Evelyn realises that he was at the party the night of Flora's murder...despite not being invited. This causes her and Adrian to realise he is the murderer. During the party, Evelyn runs into Marisol, who sneaked in, and sends security after her. As Marisol confronts Philippe to get a confession out of him, Evelyn enters the room to escort Marisol out. Once alone, she takes Philippe to talk to Adrian in private. Adrian gives him a drink that contains an untraceable drug and muscle relaxer. Evelyn locks the doors while Adrian pushes Philippe out the window where he lands in the pool. Once alone, they take each other's hands and leave the room. When police arrive, they begin to have doubts. Rosie, Carmen, and Zoila back the Powells up, stating that they heard Philippe state he murdered Flora. The Powells and the maids exchange awkward, yet thankful, glances before parting ways. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

You can screw me, but you can't screw with me.
Evelyn Powell, "The Bad Seed"
Evelyn 201
Evelyn meets the new bodyguard. ("An Ideal Husband")

Adrian and Evelyn arrive home from a three month trip to South America and find their new maid, Fatima waiting for them on the front steps. Adrian is not pleased, he thinks Fatima looks "hideous." Evelyn reminds him that she is just there to clean. That night, Adrian and Evelyn are hosting a dinner party and a group of men in masks barge in with guns. They demand that all of the guests hand over their jewelry, including Evelyn's new necklace, and then hits Adrian over the head and knocks him to the floor. The next morning, Evelyn is meeting with police officers and describing her stolen jewelry. They encourage her to hire a bodyguard since Adrian is a hot mess. Finally, Adrian has hired a new bodyguard named Tony, an ex-member of the secret service. Evelyn is pleased to have a new Latin hunk moving into their mansion. That night, Adrian has a nightmare and wakes up screaming. Tony rushes in shirtless. Evelyn heads downstairs to heat Adrian up some warm milk, and Tony follows her to the kitchen. Evelyn rants that she "can’t tolerate weakness." She then tells him to "try to wear a shirt" if he wants to help her and then heads upstairs. The next day, Valentina Diaz arrives, applying for the job as the new maid. Evelyn says that she sounded less attractive on the phone, but she allows the young woman into her home anyway. Meanwhile, the burglars are pawning all of the jewelry they stole from Adrian and Evelyn’s dinner party. The pawn shop owner refuses to buy Evelyn’s ruby necklace because it is "too valuable and too hot to handle." They walk outside and hand Evelyn's necklace to a homeless woman. ("An Ideal Husband")

Evelyn 202
Evelyn is rescued by Tony. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

A car pulls over on one of the streets of Beverly Hills. Stepping out of it is Evelyn Powell and Tanya Taseltof. Evelyn tells her bodyguard, Tony, that he may stay behind. While Evelyn and Tanya walk, Evelyn notices a homeless woman holding up a sign wanting food and money - it's the same homeless woman who received Evelyn's necklace. The two gals approach the homeless woman, and Evelyn asks where she received the necklace. The homeless woman states that it was a gift. Evelyn asks if she can hold it, but the homeless woman refuses. Evelyn reaches over and tries to steal the necklace, resulting in the two women fighting. Tanya watches in shock, and Tony and another man hurry over to see what's going on. They pull Evelyn away and the homeless woman manages to escape down the road, necklace in tow. Later on, Evelyn explains to Tony what had happened. Later on, Tony and Adrian accompany Evelyn to a bad part of town in hopes of finding the homeless woman. As Evelyn and Adrian are suppose to search together, Tony goes off on his own. Evelyn ends up nearly getting attacked by a homeless man, but Tony saves her by knocking the man out. Evelyn is grateful, and scowls at Adrian for not sticking up for her. The Powell's and Tony then go home. Tony, however, later goes back to the bad part of town on his own where he finally finds the homeless woman. He demands the necklace back, or else. This terrifies the woman. The scene changes to Tony surprising Evelyn with her ruby necklace and she is ecstatic. She asks how she can ever repay him, but he insists that “seeing her smile” is payment enough. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Evelyn 203
Evelyn cannot resist the temptation. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

After Adrian's neighborhood watch meeting, Evelyn informs her husband after their guests leave that he is moving to the guest room until his “psychosis has subsided.” Later, Evelyn catches Adrian playing with his new gun. She barges in on their bodyguard Tony and flips out on him for buying Adrian a gun. During Genevieve's luncheon, Marisol crashes and approaches Evelyn. Evelyn is shocked when she learns that Marisol is now in a relationship with Nicholas and no longer cleaning houses. Marisol questions Evelyn about Dahlia and Opal. Evelyn says that Dahlia never talked about Opal, but she did hear rumors after Dahlia died that Nick was having an affair with Opal. The next night, Evelyn heads to her bodyguard Tony’s room in the middle of the night and knocks on his door. He doesn’t answer so she walks in and finds him having sex with Tanya. She runs back to her house, but realizes she locked herself out. She breaks the window to unlock the door from the inside and Adrian comes running and shoots his gun at her thinking she is an intruder. Luckily, Evelyn just has a flesh wound. Tony sends Adrian to get a doctor, and while he is gone Evelyn kisses Tony. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Evelyn 204
Evelyn is glad to get Adrian out of the house. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Evelyn interrupts Adrian as he's watching a news report about Ty's suicide attempt and she encourages him to go to his meeting with his therapist in spite of his reluctance. She then goes to Tony in an attempt to have sex with him again, only to have to hide when Adrian knocks on the door and requests that his bodyguard drive him to his appointment. Later, Evelyn feeds her husband cabbage for lunch so as to ensure that he'll be in the lavatory for a solid hour, but Tony now refuses to have sex with Mrs. Powell while Adrian is still in the house. She points out that he's always in the house, and so he suggests that they find a way to get him out. Evelyn tries suggesting that Adrian go to Sage Creek, a "loony bin", to recover from the damage done by the robbery, but Adrian refuses to leave her side because she's what keeps him sane. However, he later hears the sound of glass smashing from afar and goes to investigate, despite Tony claiming not to have heard anything. When he sees no broken windows, he assumed he must have imagined it, but in fact Evelyn was crushing glass in the first of her and Tony's attempts to convince Adrian that he's losing his sanity. The next attempt is to have Tony run past Adrian dressed all in black, then hiding behind the sofa while Evelyn claims not to have seen anyone. Finally, Adrian accepts that his mental health really is declining and he decides to go to Sage Creek after all. As soon as his car has left the driveway, Evelyn and Tony go inside and take their clothes off. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Evelyn 205
Evelyn puts a disobedient Tony in his place. ("The Bad Seed")

Evelyn finishes up having sex with Tony and decides that she'd like to get him something nice in gratitude for him reigniting her passionate side. He requests that she let him have his own room in the main house, as opposed to the pool house he's currently living in, but Evelyn refuses, in spite of protesting that he's a real man and not just some dog she can keep in a cage. Later, he tries moving into the main house anyway, refusing to take "no" for an answer and assuring Evelyn that, in time, she'll come to appreciate this display of masculinity. She asks if this is the price she must pay for passion, and he tells her that it is... but he's worth it. The two of them then go out to dinner together in Burbank and Tony is handed a $900 bill; he asks Evelyn to pay it because he cannot afford to do so, but she says that she wouldn't dream of emasculating him in such a manner. She then introduces him to the maitre d', her old friend Angelo, and makes clear that Tony will be harmed should he fail to pay. Of course, Evelyn would be happy to cover the bill if her lover were to move back into the pool house and behave. Tony reluctantly agrees to do so and Evelyn makes clear that he can screw her, but he can't screw with her. ("The Bad Seed")

Evelyn 207
Evelyn and Tony are shocked by Adrian's return. ("Betrayal")

As Evelyn sits inside her house, reading, Valentina alerts her that she is heading off to the grocery store and will not be home for a couple of hours. Tony hears this and he and Evelyn exchange glances. Once Valentina is out of the house, Evelyn and Tony start having sex. Following a bad encounter with Remi outside of the Powell's home, Valentina heads back inside and stumbles upon Evelyn and Tony making love. She doesn't say anything, however. Later, Valentina talks to Evelyn. This irritates Mrs. Powell because she does not enjoy talking to the help. Throughout the whole conversation, Valentina gives Evelyn this look - a look of disdain. She notices it and knows that something is wrong. That night, Evelyn and Tony arrive home and Evelyn can't find Valentina. Evelyn thinks that Valentina is acting strange towards her lately, and she is afraid that she knows about their affair. They head into the other room and are shocked to see Valentina standing with Adrian. He announces he is healed and home to stay. Evelyn and Tony are not thrilled. ("Betrayal")

Evelyn 208
Adrian finds out about the affair. ("Night, Mother")

Adrian and Evelyn sit down for breakfast, and Adrian continues to make her feel uncomfortable and hint at her and Tony having an affair. Tony passes through their breakfast and Adrian comments that Tony needs to find himself a young girlfriend. After Adrian leaves, Evelyn reassures Tony that Adrian doesn’t know anything, he just suspects. Later, Valentina catches Adrian unpacking boxes of surveillance cameras. He announces he is planting them around the house so that he can “catch her in the unholy act and he can crush her and win.” Valentina tries to reason that it isn’t a game, but Adrian doesn’t want to hear it. Then, Evelyn receives a bouquet of flowers with a hidden camera on it and orders Valentina to put them in her bedroom. When Valentina refuses Evelyn discovers the camera on it and asks her how many cameras are hidden in the house. She announces since she is being watched, “she is going to have to put on a show.” The next day, Adrian asks Valentina to take him for a ride and leaves Evelyn home alone with Tony. He pulls out his computer to watch them on camera, and realizes that Evelyn knows there is cameras because she isn’t doing anything with Tony, instead she orders him to take her shopping. They find Tony and Evelyn pulled over and having sex in the back seat, but Adrian is too shocked and hurt to say something to them. ("Night, Mother")

Evelyn 209
Adrian warns Evelyn that Tony cannot be trusted. ("The Visit")

Adrian confronts Evelyn and tells her that he knows she is sleeping with Tony and he wants her to stop seeing him. She reminds him that he screwed the help and now she is. Evelyn tells him they have an open marriage and he can try to seduce Valentina if he wants, but she will probably quit. Adrian informs her Tony has ulterior motives and he probably doesn’t like her. Later, Evelyn reveals to Tony she told the truth about them to Adrian. Tony asks her what she did that, and she replies she adores him and she is sick of sneak around in the shadows. Evelyn gives him a hug but Tony seems really worried by the fact Adrian knows everything about their affair. That night, Valentina catches Adrian eating his feelings. He says that Evelyn is sleeping with another man, and he has “lost all of his dignity.” Valentina gives him a pep talk and tells him he should fight for Evelyn, and she encourages him to take up praying and ask God for guidance. The next day, Evelyn, Adrian, and Tony pay Marisol a visit and bring her flowers since they heard about Nick's accident. Adrian catches Molly looking at Tony funny and corners her and asks her how she knows him. Molly says that when she knew Tony, his name wasn’t Tony. That night, at their house, Valentina says to Adrian she has been praying for him. Adrian tells her she cans stop now, because it worked. In his room, Tony is on the phone in his room; he tells whoever is on the other line that there has been a change of plans because Adrian found out about the affair. He says he is, “counting down the minutes until he can dump that bitch.” At this moment, Evelyn enters with some sexy underwear on her, and Tony smiles to her. ("The Visit")

Evelyn 211
The reconciled Powells dance as Tony is dealt with. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Tony puts a secret camera in the clock of his bedroom. When Evelyn comes in, he pretends he does not have a choice to have sex with her, fearing to be fired if he refuses. Later, Adrian heads home and reveals to Tony that he knows about all of his aliases and different scams. When Adrian asks him what is his plan B, Tony says that he is going to file a lawsuit against Evelyn for abusing their employee relationship, and he has a recording. Adrian shows him the recording he found in his clock and he puts it in his drink. Adrian offers him a check for $100,000 to leave Evelyn alone. He doesn't want Evelyn to ever know that Tony was scamming her because he knows it will crush her. However, Adrian tells him he agrees to give him the money but there is one condition. Tony is surprised by this. Later, Tony informs Evelyn that he has been offered a "unique business opportunity" and he has to leave. He lies to her and tells her that he can’t keep working for her because he is in love with her and it is torture because he knows she won't ever leave Adrian. He kisses her and says he must go to the airport. Evelyn says goodbye, while Tony is leaving. Adrian listens from around the corner, and seems pleased. That night, Evelyn catches Adrian sitting in the living-room playing records from their wedding. He invites her to dance the tango with him. After their dance, Adrian kisses Evelyn with passion. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Evelyn 213
Evelyn is left devastated after Nicholas confesses to killing her son. ("Look Back in Anger")

Adrian gives to Evelyn a glass of champagne, asking if she remember the last time they were so happy. Evelyn says she does not and asks Adrian if it is their 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow which makes him so sentimental. Adrian confirms it, and at that moment, Valentina runs in to the room, explaining she got an internship with fashion designer Bruno de Luca thanks to Adrian. The young girl hugs Adrian, and the latter puts a hand on her bottom, which is noticed by Evelyn. Later, Evelyn gives a pre-classic Mayan dagger to Adrian as anniversary gift. He seems disappointed by her gift: an expensive watch. She tells Adrian that every time she thinks it will be better between them, he goes back to his old ways. Adrian does not understand, and Evelyn tells him she saw when he put his hand on Valentina's bottom. She says it is like with Flora, and Adrian mentions her affair with Tony. He asks her if he does not have the right to be angry, and Evelyn says it is not her fault that Barrett died. Adrian tells her it is not about Barrett, but Evelyn replies it is always about him. She adds they should stop trying to be happy because it is too disappointing. Later, Marisol and Nick head to the Powell’s house, and Adrian wants to know why Nick stopped talking to them after their son died, because him and Dahlia were their dearest friends. Evelyn thinks it is because they were out of their minds with grief. Nick admits it was because Barrett died, but because he killed him. Then, he confesses what happened to the Powells. Evelyn and Adrian are heartbroken. Adrian takes the Mayan knife and tries to stab Nick and misses. Evelyn tells him that the only reason he is still alive it is because she believes a harsher punishment awaits him. Then, Marisol and Nick leave in order to go to the police station. Evelyn and Adrian are crying, and Adrian tells to his wife he is sorry for what he did to them. Evelyn says it is time they forgive each other. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

It's been ages since we've had a murder at our house!
Evelyn Powell, "From Here to Eternity"
Evelyn 301
Evelyn tries to revive her and Adrian's sex life. ("Awakenings")

Four months after getting the ever-so-needed closure of their son's death, Adrian and Evelyn's marriage has become better than ever in all ways except for sexually. She also became Marisol's friend, since her book is a best seller. One morning, Evelyn discovers Katy in her garden, cutting some of her prize-winning roses. When Taylor and Michael appear, they reveal she is their adopted daughter. Evelyn invites them to drink some tea and to talk about Katy's adoption. Later, Marisol heads out to lunch with Evelyn and Gail, and she admits that Carmen called her "frivolous". Evelyn scoffs that she can’t listen to Carmen – Marisol is successful now and Carmen is just a maid, so she is probably jealous. Then, she tells Marisol she needs the final head count for her book-signing party. Evelyn asks Marisol if her "maid friends" will be coming, saying she needs some advance, because she wants to know if she will have to lock up or not the valuables. Later, at couples' therapy, Adrian and Evelyn talk about how Adrian has been unable to form an erection. Their therapist suggests that perhaps all of the fighting in their marriage use to turn him on, and was always the key to a great sex life. That night, Evelyn tries to 'spice things up' a bit by borrowing Valentina's maid outfit and turning Adrian on, via the art of roleplay. She pretends to be a maid. It seems to be turning him on, but it fails. That evening, at the party, Adrian manages to get an erection, and so he finds Evelyn, and the two head for the bathroom to have sex immediately. After the party though, Evelyn learns the truth behind Adrian's erection - the reason he was able to have sex was because he got his hand stepped on by a dominatrix. Evelyn is offended, and makes him sleep on the couch. The next morning, Evelyn heads out in her bath robe to check the mail. She finds a human leg in her flowers, and faints at the sight of it. ("Awakenings")

Evelyn 302
Evelyn seems ready to try something new. ("From Here to Eternity")

When Adrian comes back after his night at The Velvet Whip, he finds his house surrounded by yellow crime scene tape, and he rushes to find Evelyn in the back of the ambulance. She tells him she found a human leg in her rose bushes, and she fainted. At his moment, Detective Figueroa comes to talk to the couple, asking where Adrian was. The latter answers the chiropractor. Evelyn is surprised by the answer. The detective asks more details to contact the chiropractor, but Adrian eventually reveals he was at the sex club. Evelyn is really angry by the news. Later, Evelyn is ranting to Adrian that they are "social pariahs" as they have been dis-invited from three events, all because of the leg. Adrian says she should not worry because people will soon begin to gossip about something else. Evelyn confirms it saying it will be probably his trips to the S&M club. Adrian reassures her that he did not cheat on her; he was just letting them control him. Then, he begs Evelyn to come to the club with him. Evelyn is really reluctant to that idea, and Adrian adds he could sweeten the deal with a large diamond in the deal. Eventually, Evelyn agrees. When they arrive at the club, Adrian gives a little visit to Evelyn, where they see a lot of dominatrices playing with different men. Finally, Adrian shows to his wife a table with S&M items on it. Evelyn takes a riding crop, happily saying it reminds her her equestrian lessons when she was young. Adrian imitates a horse's neighing, and Evelyn seems ready to give it a try. At this moment, Mitzy recognizes Evelyn. Adrian asks his wife to relax since Mitzy is here too, she does not have to be embarrassed. Evelyn begins to calm down, but Mitzy questions what it is she is been hearing about a severed leg, and asks what it is she and Adrian do in their home. Completely humiliated, Evelyn puts on a pair of sunglasses and leaves. ("From Here to Eternity")

Evelyn 303
Evelyn decides she and Adrian are putting their house up for sale. ("The Awful Truth")

At the Powell house, Carmen is cleaning and receives a phone call from Sebastien. Evelyn interrupts her, asking if she is done with her personnal calls. She adds she expects the house to be spotless; floor to chandelier. Then, Evelyn introduces Carmen to Adrian. Evelyn explains Carmen is only there for a trial basis. She adds it is important to keep a beautiful home to project a certain image to their neighbors. At this moment, a tourist bus arrives in front of the Powell house. A tour guide introduces the location as the "Powell Murder House". He adds three gruesome deaths happened in the house. Evelyn retorts to him only two gruesome deaths. The tour guide adds a severed leg has been found in their garden. Evelyn tells him just a leg, not a body, and she throws him one of her shoes. While the bus is leaving, Evelyn announces she is done, so they will sell their house. Later, Evelyn tells Adrian she hired a real estate agent. She asks him if he is on board with selling their house. Adrian confirms he is, but says he would like something from her in return. Evelyn is on the nerve, asking if Adrian wants to her to go to the sex club again. Adrian retorts they should start with something simple. He takes off a little whip from his bag. An angry Evelyn retorts it is bad enough that their house is a murder house, so she refuses to let him turn it into a sex dungeon. Later, someone uses the doorbell at the Powell house. Carmen discovers it is Sebastien, and she thinks he still wants her back. At this moment, Evelyn appears asking if it her realtor. Carmen realises Sebastien was hired by the Powells to sell their house. Evelyn introduces herself to Sebastien, and the latter says he is very much looking forward to selling her house. That night, the Powells are coming back from their dinner at a restaurant. Evelyn complains about how the maitre d' looked at them, saying he must know about the leg. Adrian says he is in the mood for a nightcap. Evelyn replies she is too tired so goes to sleep. ("The Awful Truth")

Evelyn 305
Genevieve's sex tape is leaked. ("Since You Went Away")

Evelyn tells Adrian she received a phone call from Detective Figueroa, asking her to go the police station because they identified the owner of the severed leg. As she goes out, she meets Marisol, who decided to stop by to see how Carmen is working out. Evelyn explains that Carmen is a disappointing maid, and since it is before noon, she is probably still in bed. At the police station, Figueroa asks Evelyn if she had a relationship with Louie Becker. Evelyn is not really pleased, saying it sounds like he thinks she had motive to murder Louie. She asks him who gave him this ridiculous idea, but the detective refuses to answer. Eventually, Evelyn discovers it was Genevieve, and she is not really pleased by the news. Later, Evelyn is really angry at Carmen, because she ruined her favorite blouse. Evelyn is ready to fire her, but Carmen reveals that Genevieve did a sex tape with Louie, which please Evelyn. The next day, Evelyn arrives at the shop of Elswood Country Club. She meets J'Abulani, a friend of Louie Becker, and she pays him to get the sex tape. Later, at the restaurant of the country club Evelyn meets Genevieve and Christopher. Evelyn explains she is profoundly disturbed, because somebody told the police to question her about Louie Becker's murder. Genevieve tries to be surprised. Evelyn retorts she is surprised that anyone would want to spread vicious gossip about her considering her position. Christopher asks which position, and Evelyn explains him as vice president of the country club board, she has tremendous access to all these members, talking about all people in the restaurant. She begins to text something on her phone, explaining it would be so easy for her to retaliate. At this moment, everyone in the restaurant - including Christopher - receive a text message from her, and they look at their phones. Genevieve is confused about what is happening. Evelyn answers she thought she would show everyone exactly who she really is. The sound of a moaning Genevieve comes out from all phones, and the latter realizes Evelyn sent her sex tape to everyone. ("The Talk of the Town")

Evelyn 306
Katy brings out a hidden desire in Evelyn. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Evelyn rushes home while Adrian is being loaded in to the ambulance. The EMT’s tell her that they think that Adrian had a seizure, that he is fine for now but the hospital will do more tests on him. Evelyn does not understand how Adrian could had a seizure, and she raves that Carmen saved Adrian, and thanks her. At the hospital, Evelyn explains to Adrian what happened to him, but the doctor asks Adrian about the bruises on his back and butt. Evelyn realizes Adrian is continuing his sex sessions. The doctor accuses Evelyn of beating her husband, and she is really shocked by that. Finally, Adrian admits that he is in to S&M. The next day, Evelyn wakes up and finds Katy sitting on her doorstep. Katy explains that she ran away from home because Michael does not want her anymore. Evelyn tells her she is sure it is not true. Katy starts crying and Evelyn hugs her to comfort her. Later, Evelyn brings back Katy to her house. While the little daughter runs away in her bedroom, Evelyn explains to Michael that she found her, and tells him that she is a lovely girl and that they are lucky to have her. Evelyn confesses that she wanted to adopt a child after her son died, but Adrian was not for it. Then, she warns Michael that Katy is "a gift to be cherished" because we never know when children could leave you. Later, Carmen and Marisol head to Evelyn’s house, and Carmen comes clean about the S&M with Adrian. Evelyn decides to fire Carmen for what she did with Adrian. Marisol points out that it is wrongful termination, so Carmen cans sue Evelyn for millions, and the case could drag on for years. Evelyn raves that it was all a misunderstanding and she would never fire Carmen, adding that Carmen does an amazing job as their maid. Later, Evelyn reveals to Adrian she knows what he did with Carmen, but she is upset because she realizes that Adrian could die, and she will be alone. She announces that Adrian can "get his jollies" however he pleases – but he has to give her a child. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Evelyn 307
Evelyn tries and fails to buy Zoila's baby. ("The Turning Point")

Evelyn meets Lorraine Porter, an adoption agent from CDSS, in her office where the ceiling is leaking. Evelyn is ready to adopt a child at any cost, but Lorraine tells her it will not happen, because the whole process takes up to a year. Evelyn is dumbfounded, explaining the child will never want for anything. The agent explains her hands are tied, and the process cannot be sped up. Later, Evelyn calls Sebastien, asking him a child-friendly house. Carmen overhears the phone call, and asks her why she would want a kid at this stage of her life. Evelyn does not appreciate what she just said. Carmen says that her friend Zoila is having a baby and it's going to totally ruin her life. Evelyn is pleased by this news. At Genevieve's house, Evelyn visits Zoila, with a gift for her baby. Zoila opens it and finds a cashmere baby blanket. Evelyn latter tells her she knows her life is hard, and asks her if she will allow her to make it easier by letting the Powells raise the baby. She adds that they will take care of the baby in exchange for a large sum of money. Zoila is shocked, asking her if she really wants to buy her baby, but Evelyn retorts it is more adopting her baby... for a fee. Zoila refuses, saying if she wants to buy a baby, she will have to find someone more desperate than her. Evelyn is not pleased; she takes back the blanket, and leaves the house. Later, Evelyn comes back to see the adoption agent. She tells her she will donate money to her department, so she will be able to use it to fix the leaking problem and more. Lorraine retorts she can not accept a bribe... but when she notices the ceiling has more problems than ever, she reluctantly agrees. The next day, Sebastien and Evelyn arrive at an empty house. They begin the look around and Evelyn goes to check out a room, while Sebastien goes to fetch something. As he does so, Evelyn is heard screaming and Sebastien joins her in a hurry. They discover Blanca's dead body, hanging by the neck from the ceiling. ("The Turning Point")

Evelyn 309
Meet Deion, the Powells' new son. ("Bad Girl")

As Adrian returns home from the hospital with a clean bill of health, he finds that Evelyn, has done the unthinkable - she has adopted a child, Deion. Adrian despises the idea of having another son, and he voices this out to Evelyn, who had previously been reading Deion the works of Charles Dickens. He wants to take Deion back to the orphanage, but Evelyn simply refuses; she assures that the child-rearing will be left to her while Adrian works on selling their home, which she has yet to let go of, still no longer wanting to live in a murder house. Still, Adrian doesn't back down, and so he schemes to get rid of Deion by using their murder house to his advantage. He tells Deion that their house is haunted, and of the deaths that occured; that evening Deion hides in the closet out of fear. Evelyn finds out about this this next morning and is incredibly heartbroken to find out Deion wishes to go back to the orphanage. She then spends the good half of an afternoon having to convince him that their house is fine and to not want to return to the orphanage. She later confronts Adrian about this, who argues that he loved their first son, Barrett, but he died and now he doesn't want to go through that again. Evelyn understands this, truly; she misses Barrett just as much as Adrian does and fear the exact same, but she insists that Deion will be part of the family whether he likes it or not and whether he stays or not. Adrian has one last trick up his sleeve, however; he makes a call to Rick Dresden, asking that he track down Deion's birth parents, hoping they will come for their son so he and Evelyn can be rid of him. ("Bad Girl")

Evelyn 310
Olivia gives Evelyn a devious idea... ("Whiplash")

Evelyn has Adrian watch their new son Deion for the day, giving him no say in the matter which causes Deion to rightfully point out that Mr. Powell is his wife's "bitch". He goes to the club and actually starts bonding with Deion, who manages to get him a tee time on the golf course, while Evelyn meets with Natalie from Child Services. She explains how she'll want to visit the Powell mansion and interview both of Deion's foster parents, which deeply worries Evelyn because she is under the impression that her husband still hates the boy and will try to sabotage the meeting. In reality, Adrian and Deion are further bonding over a horse race, and Evelyn proceeds to express her woes to Olivia over lunch. Olivia very bluntly suggests that Evelyn simply drug Adrian with some anger management pills she's been taking, and so when Natalie comes over Evelyn spikes Adrian's drink with one of the pills. However, it is Natalie who ends up drinking it, and when Adrian begins to notice that she's on drugs Evelyn confesses what she did, including the part about wanting to keep him docile for the interview because she didn't want him to ruin everything. It is then that he confesses that he's actually grown fond of their new son, to Evelyn's joy, but Natalie remains a problem. When she wakes up, they try telling her how she got tipsy and fell asleep, but she knows this to be untrue because she doesn't drink. Knowing that they drugged her, she refuses to let Deion live there any longer... until the boy himself reveals that he took some pictures of her while high. He threatens to show them to her boss if she doesn't let him remain with the Powells, and it is this act of extortion that allows Adrian to declare that the boy really is a Powell after all. ("Whiplash")

Evelyn 311
Evelyn realizes she must be open to all that parenting entails. ("Terms of Endearment")

Carmen wakes up to find Deion going through her private things and tries complaining to Evelyn, whose only affirmative action is taking the boy to Disneyland. When they return, Carmen demands that Evelyn punish him properly, and while Evelyn concedes that she doesn't want her new son to grow up without a healthy fear of authority, she herself doesn't want to be the one to have to inflict the discipline, and so she leaves that up to Carmen. As such, later, when Deion shoots the maid in the butt with a toy gun, she punishes him by having him do her chores. Evelyn is shocked to find him doing the housework that she pays Carmen to do, and so she docks her pay, to Carmen's anger. She storms over to Marisol's place and demands that she fix the situation, but Marisol simply explains to Carmen why Evelyn has such a hard time disciplining children - because of her son Barrett, who died young. Carmen confronts Evelyn about this after the latter hears Deion curse at a videogame and wants her maid to punish him for it; Carmen says that discipline won't mean anything unless it comes from Evelyn, and Evelyn reveals her woes of having punished Barrett very soon before his death, which is why it's hard for her to have to do it now with Deion. Carmen points out that if she wants to be a parent then she has to be open to all that entails, and so Evelyn has Deion apologize to Carmen for all he's done for her. Carmen finds this precious and Evelyn starts to believe that perhaps the former has a spot in her heart for children after all. ("Terms of Endearment")

Evelyn 312
Evelyn mourns the loss of another child. ("Suspicion")

Adrian and Evelyn sit Deion down to ask if he'd like to be their full-time adoptive son; while he's saying yes, the Powells get a phone call which is answered by Carmen, who proceeds to interrupt the big family moment saying that Adrian needs to come now. As it turns out, it's his private investigator Rick Dresden, who's found Deion's birth father Wallace Jones and is sitting across from him right now. Wallace wants to meet Deion to make sure he's happy where he is, but Adrian can't have Evelyn finding out that he had the birth father contacted in the first place. As such, he hatches a new evil scheme on top of his pre-existing one, making plans for Evelyn and Deion to spend to day together out of town while he takes advantage of Carmen's "acting" abilities (with that being her new career path following the abolition of her album). She pretends to be Evelyn while they hire a young actor, Malik, to pretend to be Deion. Everything goes swimmingly with Wallace until the real Evelyn and Deion return, and Wallace realizes that some sort of dreadful ruse is afoot. He wants to take Deion away and Evelyn tells Adrian to fix it because if he loses Deion then he loses her as well. Carmen convinces him to give the Powells a second chance, explaining how she gave up her own baby to a good family and that it was the best thing for it, but then Adrian ruins things by attempting to bribe his way out of the situation. Wallace decides that the Powells are not a good family and he takes Deion away, to Evelyn's utter devastation, who breaks down crying. ("Suspicion")

Evelyn 313
After the explosion of their home, Adrian's fate remains uncertain. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

The Powells are out for lunch when Adrian, still on thin ice after losing Deion, reveals that a buyer for their house was finally found. Evelyn is thrilled, but the good feeling is soon ruined when her lawyer turns up and serves Adrian her petition for divorce. Sebastien tries getting Evelyn and Adrian to sign the papers which will make their house officially sold, but the latter refuses because he doesn't want his wife to be able to divide their assets in a divorce. Of course, this means that Sebastien won't get paid for all his hard work, but Adrian doesn't care. After discovering that Sebastien is the one behind the murders of Louie Becker and Blanca Alvarez, Marisol shows up at the Powells' while they are in the midst of an argument regarding their divorce, and Evelyn is attempting to banish Adrian and his S&M sex toys to the East Wing of the mansion. Marisol continually asks where Carmen is, at which Sebastien enters holding a gun to her head, saying that she's right there. He proceeds to use the sex handcuffs to take everybody hostage, demanding that Adrian give him his commission so that he can skip town. Initially, Adrian refuses, but then Sebastien threatens to torture Evelyn with the electric shock machine and Adrian gives in, proceeding to call Michael and tell him that he needs money now. When Michael shows up, however, he just ends up being taken hostage as well, and when he finds out that Sebastien slept with Taylor he threatens to kill him. It is then that Sebastien shoots him in the heart, planning to fill the house with gas and blow it up with everyone still inside once he's gone. Adrian tries pointing out the perspective one gains in situations such as this, and Evelyn agrees... telling him that she now sees what a waste their married life has been. Marisol ends up escaping and knocking Sebastien out, then freeing everyone, but Adrian returns to the house to fetch a photograph of himself, Evelyn and Barrett. Soon, Sebastien wakes up and knocks the electric shock machine off the table, igniting a spark which then sets off the gas and explodes the entire house. Outside, Evelyn calls out for her husband, not knowing of his fate. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Season 4

There was a time when that sort of cat-and-mouse excited me, but now I'm tired of it. I'm tired of you!
Evelyn Powell, "Another One Wipes the Dust"
Evelyn 401
Evelyn commiserates being eternally trapped in her marriage. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Six months have now passed, and Evelyn is busy mourning the loss... of her house which exploded, as Adrian rolls into the club in his wheelchair. He makes his love for his wife known, while, judging by her facial cues, she harbors nothing but hatred in return. Later, she is out with Gail, who is overseeing the remodeling of the Powell mansion and asks if they have to install those ugly ramps for Adrian's wheelchair. This causes Evelyn to decide that she needs a confidante, and she ends up telling Gail that she still very much wishes to divorce Adrian, but she can't do it now that he's wheelchair-bound because then people would judge her harshly. She merely takes comfort in the fact that the doctor she's paying top-dollar for is optimistic that her husband will one day walk again; however, this comfort comes crashing down when she returns home and hears the terrible news. It appears that Adrian's injuries are permanent, though he's still healthy, meaning that Evelyn is stuck with her invalid husband for as long as they both shall live. She tries drinking her troubles away, asking politely if Adrian would mind killing himself when he comes to check on her, and he comes to learn of her desire to divorce him. He is glad to hear that she doesn't plan on doing so because he's in the chair, fearing what people may think, and Adrian declares his mission to make her fall in love with him again. Unbeknownst to Evelyn, however, Adrian can in fact walk after all; he's been faking an injury this whole time. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Evelyn 402
Having learned the truth, Evelyn finally leaves Adrian. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Evelyn meets with Gail to discuss the fact that Adrian's paralysis is permanent; Gail makes clear that the only way she could divorce him without being crucified by the members of the country club is if he did something horrible, such as cheat on her. Evelyn later finds Danni cleaning, having been hired as a new maid, and, knowing Adrian has a soft spot for young Latina maids, wonders if she'd be interested in seducing him, to Danni's surprise. Danni later attempts this by climbing all over Adrian when he's in bed, but he refuses to go along with it and ends up getting to his feet to get away from her, unaware that Evelyn had staged a camera in his bedroom to catch him in the act. When Evelyn watches the footage, both she and Carmen are shocked; Carmen, because her daughter would be willing to sleep with Adrian, and Evelyn, because she realizes that her husband can walk. Evelyn later goes to the club and tries to prove that Adrian can walk by pulling him out of the chair, but he continues to pretend and falls to the floor, meaning she's dragged away by security and everybody thinks she's a monster. Because of this, she sees no reason to try and stay with him and packs her bags. He comes clean and tries convincing her to stay, saying how they belong together and that only she is as deliciously twisted as he is that she can match him blow for blow. Evelyn, before she leaves, tells her soon-to-be-ex-husband that from now on he'll just have to blow himself. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Evelyn 403
Marisol finds herself with a new roommate. ("War and Grease")

Evelyn relaxes at a spa and is visited by Marisol, who wants to help her in her time of need. However, the hotel manager soon knocks on Evelyn's door and reveals that her credit card has been declined, meaning she can no longer stay with them. Evelyn is deeply confused but soon comes to realize that Adrian has cut her off. When she returns to her home to talk to him about it, he has Carmen refuse to let her in, believing that if he makes her miserable and broke then eventually she'll be forced to call crawling back to him. He believes it to be romantic. Evelyn vows that the next time she speaks to Adrian will be through an attorney but, when she goes to meet with one who is interested in taking her case, he suddenly has to drop her as a client due to a conflict of interest; it seems that Adrian has hired out all the divorce attorneys in Beverly Hills, trying to make it so that her only option for money is to reconcile with him, to her pure horror. She goes to meet with him at the club to try and persuade him to stop this madness, only for him to frighten her by painting her a picture of her life without him: she is poor with no maid and has to buy generic brands from a supermarket; she also now eats peanut butter, owns a change purse, doesn't throw pennies away and collects coupons. Evelyn can't take it, to Adrian's delight, and he points out that she can easily put a stop to all of it, though she refuses to get back together with him. Instead, she decides to take Marisol up on her earlier offer. She drops by Mariol's house and announces that she's moving in. ("War and Grease")

Evelyn 404
Evelyn's separation has her reaching new lows. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Marisol is on the phone trying to score a meeting with Cece Sheffield when Evelyn awakes in need of breakfast, revealing that she can't go out because she no longer as any money. Taking pity on her, Marisol gives Evelyn her credit card to buy some food, only for her to then return home to find that Evelyn has replaced all of her furniture. She tells her that she's going to have to take it all back and get a job, retracting her credit card, and later, after Evelyn tries to join in on a meeting with all the maids, Marisol asks her if she's had any luck. Evelyn of course has no interest in entering the world of work, and so Marisol offers to arrange a meeting with a career counselor, but Evelyn then steals her credit card and sneaks out to do some shopping. Evelyn tries paying for clothes with Marisol's credit card only to end up being arrested for fraud, meaning Marisol has to reschedule her meeting with Cece so that she can bail Evelyn out of jail. Evelyn acknowledges just how far she's sunk and considers giving up and just going back to Adrian, but Marisol won't allow this, insisting that they'll figure something out. Finally, she has her meeting with Cece; however, Cece refuses to hire any maids because she doesn't want strangers in her home. Evelyn then talks to her, saying how everyone was gossiping about her dusty mess of a mansion following her last party and, feeling embarrassed, Cece decides that she will hire some maids after all. Marisol is impressed with Evelyn's strategy in landing her a client and, against her better judgment, decides to offer her a job working for the agency. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Evelyn 405
Victory over Adrian has Evelyn meeting someone new. ("A Time to Spill")

When inviting Marisol to the Hamilton House Gala, Peter suggests that she have her new assistant Evelyn manage the employees, which Marisol can't envision going down well considering how hard it's been to get Evelyn to do her job thus far. Still, she orders Evelyn to do what she asks, despite Evelyn not wanting to attend because she fears humiliation, and as such she meets with Adrian so that the two of them can divide custody of their social calendar. She takes the gala for herself, not wanting him to see her there, and claims that the reason she doesn't want him attending is because she's bringing her new boyfriend "Bartholomew", which naturally Adrian finds ridiculous. The reverend, James Hamilton, is happy to see Marisol is attending the event as a guest, though Marisol has her work cut out for her with Evelyn as she has to berate her into putting on a uniform in order to prevent her from socializing while she's meant to be working. Evelyn is disgusted to have polyester touch her skin, and is further embarrassed to find Adrian has arrived with Zoila Diaz as his date. Having sensed there was more to Evelyn not wanting Adrian at the gala, he discovers that she is working there as a server. Things turn in her favor, however, for upon being introduced to Adrian's date she immediately breaks down into laughter, knowing Zoila as Genevieve's maid. Later in the evening, Evelyn, still ecstatic that her husband mistakenly dated a maid, is found by James Hamilton, who misconstrues things, believing her happiness stemmed from helping others. Because of this, he asks her out on a date, believing her to have both a beautiful soul and a great sense of humor. ("A Time to Spill")

Evelyn 406
Evelyn comes into some money, thanks to her new beau. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Evelyn goes to the salon to gussy herself up for her date with the Reverend, James Hamilton, and Gail is surprised to hear that she's putting herself back out there - though she certainly seems interested in the prospect of Adrian also being back on the market. While on her date, Evelyn complains about all that Adrian has done to her, including stealing her money, and Hamilton has great sympathy; she enjoys his sense of humor, which surprises her because she thought he'd be a bit "goody-goody", but he assures her that he is no saint. However, a woman named Laverne then approaches them with her crutch-bound son Timmy, with Hamilton having raised money for the latter's operation, and Evelyn is taken aback by just how much of a good person he truly is. Wanting to better herself for this man, Evelyn takes to reading the Bible, telling Marisol about how great her new boyfriend is while, at the same time, Adrian meets with said boyfriend (having learned of him through Gail) and offers him a large check in exchange for him breaking up with Evelyn, pointing out that the Christian thing to do would be to accept his terms because that means being able to help people. He and Evelyn have another date where he explains what Adrian confronted her with and proceeds to give her the check, pointing out that it wasn't Adrian's money to give because he stole it from his wife. He encourages her to use it to hire a divorce lawyer and free herself of this man and, when she points out how immoral it is to be lying to her husband, he reminds her that he's no saint. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Evelyn 407
Mrs. Powell comes to reclaim what's hers... to the dismay of her husband. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Evelyn hires a lawyer in the Valley who tells her that she'll have to move back in with Adrian if she hopes to land a divorce settlement, for otherwise it appears to the court as though she's the one who abandoned the marriage. Evelyn meets with Adrian to tell him that she'd like to reconcile. He doesn't buy her lies and ends up leaving after she fails to convincingly convey her love and, as she tells Marisol that she wants a way back in, Marisol suggests that she go out to dinner with her so that they can celebrate her wanting to move out, then revealing that she just wants Evelyn to act as a buffer between she and Jesse. Evelyn understands why Marisol doesn't trust herself around this man upon seeing his fitness poster, which she confiscates, and later, after Carmen is done meeting with Marisol, Evelyn approaches her old maid and requests that she give her the gate code to the mansion and tell her when Adrian isn't home. In return for this favor, Carmen picks apart Evelyn's wardrobe. Later, Marisol and Jesse are out to dinner when Evelyn and James show up "unexpectedly", with Jesse and the reverend proceeding to hit it off. However, Evelyn has to leave suddenly when Carmen texts her that Adrian is out. James helps Evelyn break back into her old home, meaning she's able to tell Adrian that she's moved back in and, in the eyes of the court, she never left. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Evelyn 408
Carmen receives a pep talk from the least likely of sources. ("I Saw the Shine")

Carmen helps Evelyn move some things around the mansion as she splits it down the middle, designating one side for herself and the other for Adrian, deciding that Carmen shall be used as an intermediary so that they don't have to actually speak to one another. This soon falls apart when Adrian reviews some security footage and realizes that Evelyn got back into the house simply by punching in the gate code, meaning Carmen must have given it to her; as such, Adrian fires Carmen, who then points out to Evelyn that keeping her around would really annoy her husband, and so she is re-hired to work solely in Mrs. Powell's half of the mansion. However, Adrian has already hired a maid to replace her and clean his half - Daniela, who's apparently back from Puerto Rico and is insanely furious with Carmen due to how they left things. She reveals that she found out who her father was and that he died never knowing that he had a daughter, which devastates Carmen and causes Danni to announce that she is nothing to her. Evelyn later finds Carmen crying over the loss of Lucas, who she sees as the only man she ever truly loved, and Evelyn reveals that she felt the same way about Adrian when she thought he died in the explosion, and thus she is able to empathize with and comfort her maid. She comments that moving on is easier when your first love turns out to be a real son of a bitch and, indeed, right now Adrian is visiting his private investigator Rick Dresden, wanting him to dig up some dirt on James Hamilton. ("I Saw the Shine")

Evelyn 409
James breaks up with Evelyn, understanding she's not over Adrian. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Evelyn and James are returning from yet another charity function when the former notices Adrian's PI, Rick Dresden, spying on them. She suggests that James pretend to propose, so as to hurt her ex, but he refuses because it isn't the right thing to do, which she finds boring. Dresden goes on to tell Adrian that he found legit nothing on the reverend in terms of dirt, having only been able to find good things in spite of his rather thorough search. In spite of this, Evelyn has grown disenchanted with the reverend, which she goes on to vent about to Marisol while eating Chinese food. She feels that James is too "good" for her and, when the chat gets going involving Marisol's complex situation with Peter and Jesse, she surmises that more Mushu will be needed. Gail, meanwhile, has heard word that Adrian is into bondage, and so she ambushes him with a pair of curtain ties and Evelyn ends up catching the two of them together while Adrian has his pants down, despite him wanting no part in sexual activity with Gail Fleming and claiming and the very idea of it terrifies him. He approaches Evelyn following this encounter in an attempt to explain himself but she acts as though she doesn't care, even though it's glaringly obvious that she's unhappy. Evelyn then goes on a date with James and complains about her husband. He takes this to mean that, in defiance of what she told him when they first started dating, she does not see her marriage as being over, and he breaks up with her because of this. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Evelyn 410
The Powells' divorce is finalized, but does Evelyn wish to reconsider? ("Grime and Punishment")

The Powells meet to discuss the terms of their pending divorce and, to Evelyn's shock, Adrian is willing to give her everything that she wants without argument. She finds this suspicious though and, when she approaches him to talk about it, she is further shocked to learn that he is engaged to Gail Fleming. She tells this to Marisol who rightfully assumes that Adrian is playing a very high-stakes game of chicken, wanting Evelyn to succumb to jealousy and have him call the whole thing off, but Mrs. Powell decides that if that's what her soon-to-be ex-husband wants... then chicken they shall play. As such, she approaches Gail about the engagement party that is to be held in the mansion later, convincing her to turn it into an impromptu wedding so as to lock Adrian down before his wandering eye gets the best of him. Gail agrees that it would be a nice surprise for the guests, and Evelyn convinces her that Adrian will love the idea; however, when Adrian is alerted, he approaches Evelyn, clearly panicked, and points out that he can't marry Gail while the two of them are still married. Evelyn says that she has the divorce documents ready to be signed, and Judge Winslow is a party guest so he can witness the signing to make it official. The game of chicken continues as Adrian opens a bottle of wine that was supposed to be saved for their 50th anniversary, and the two of them eventually go through with signing the papers, making sure to say how much they despise one another. However, this simply leads to the two of them kissing passionately, and making love while the party goes on outside. The party dies down when Gail is arrested for the murder of Peri Westmore, and the Powells wonder if, since they're both single, they should perhaps just tear up the divorce papers and stay married. A decision is not immediately made. A year then goes by, and Evelyn acts as Marisol's maid-of-honor in her wedding to Peter; however, the ceremony is halted when the bride doesn't turn up, and foul play is suspected. ("Grime and Punishment")

Later Life

Marisol then proceeds to wake up, having dreamed the entire wedding and kidnapping, and goes on to marry Peter for real.[1] Meanwhile, despite more ups and downs in their relationship, such as Adrian entering into a secret affair with Zoila Diaz[2], the Powells ultimately do find themselves back together and married in the end.[3]



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