Another One Wipes the Dust
Devious Maids 4x02
June 13, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Another One Wipes the Dust" is the 41st episode of Devious Maids.


Rosie finds herself entangled in the aftermath of the latest murder in Beverly Hills. Marisol makes a shocking discovery about Genevieve. Carmen worries about her ability to control Daniela when she begins displaying a wild streak. Meanwhile, Zoila becomes uneasy after discovering her neighbor’s relationship with his mother is a little too close for comfort. Evelyn’s desire to move on from Adrian has her reaching new lows.


402 01
Rosie finds the truth, by any means necessary.

Rosie wakes Genevieve early to tell her about the messages Spence left her last night about how he remembers everything and wants to get back together, though she's less thrilled when she turns on the TV to discover that Peri Westmore has been brutally murdered and, following a confrontation at the celebrity party Rosie ran out of, Spence is the likely suspect. Jesse later lets her in, then going back to shielding poor Tucker from this whole mess, while Rosie and Spence finally reunite, right after Spence finishes telling the detective that he blacked out after getting drunk and remembers nothing about last night. She sees this as convenient, but Rosie is certain that Spence didn't kill anybody; however, his finger prints are found on the murder weapon and he is taken away in handcuffs, to Rosie's dismay. She brings it up to the girls who point out that everyone hated Peri and therefore anyone who met her is a suspect, meaning Rosie doesn't even know where to start when it comes to proving Spence's innocence. They point out, though, that she doesn't need to find out who really killed Peri - she merely has a to prove that Spence had an alibi. As such, Rosie returns to the new Westmore house and, knowing from the police that Peri died between 1 and 3 A.M., she and Jesse try to figure out what happened. Jesse took Spence's keys, meaning wherever he went he had to have walked, and Rosie bets he was looking for a place to drink. The fact that he was able to get back in the house even though he had no keys means that the killer must have left the door unlocked, so Spence is innocent. Rosie ends up going to a nearby strip bar to ask if Spence was there, and has to pay for a lap dance from a stripper dressed in a skimpy maid outfit named Cinnamon. She reveals that she danced for Spence on the night in question and that he was there until closing time, which was 4 A.M. Rosie is thrilled to have finally found an alibi for her beloved.

Daniela 402
Daniela follows Evelyn's orders.

Carmen overhears Daniela arguing with her mother over the phone and is surprised to learn that she plans on staying in Los Angeles, trying in vain to convince her that it's not what's best for her career and that she needs a job. Evelyn, meanwhile, meets with Gail to discuss the fact that Adrian's paralysis is permanent; Gail makes clear that the only way she could divorce him without being crucified by the members of the country club is if he did something horrible, such as cheat on her. Meanwhile, Adrian stands up to get some bourbon off a high shelf and Danni catches him, realizing he's been faking not being able to walk. She promises not to tell Mrs. Powell if he gives her a job as a maid, and Carmen is furious when she learns that her employer hired her daughter full-time, threatening to go to Evelyn as well if he does not fire her; however, Adrian says that if Carmen does this then he'll just tell Daniela who her real mother is, putting the two of them at a blackmail impasse. Evelyn later finds Danni cleaning and, knowing Adrian has a soft spot for young Latina maids, wonders if she'd be interested in seducing him, to Danni's surprise. Danni later attempts this by climbing all over Adrian when he's in bed, but he refuses to go along with it and ends up getting to his feet to get away from her, unaware that Evelyn had staged a camera in his bedroom to catch him in the act.

402 03
Evelyn is made to look like a monster.

When Evelyn watches the footage, both she and Carmen are shocked; Carmen, because her daughter would be willing to sleep with Adrian, and Evelyn, because she realizes that her husband can walk. Carmen is furious at Danni for agreeing to it but Danni reveals that Evelyn set her up a meeting with a music producer she knows, telling her "cousin" that if she were to leap on similar opportunities then maybe she wouldn't still be a maid. Evelyn, meanwhile, goes to the club and tries to prove that Adrian can walk by pulling him out of the chair, but he continues to pretend and falls to the floor, meaning she's dragged away by security and everybody thinks she's a monster. Because of this, she sees no reason to try and stay with him and packs her bags. He comes clean and tries convincing her to stay, saying how they belong together and that only she is as deliciously twisted as he is that she can match him blow for blow. Evelyn, before she leaves, tells her soon-to-be-ex-husband that from now on he'll just have to blow himself.

402 04
War has begun.

Marisol gets a delivery of flowers from Peter, who didn't know what kind she liked and so decided to get them all; she finds this very sweet and gives him a call to thank him, only to interrupt him when he's absolutely swamped thanks to Peri's death - as well as the resultant death of her film. Genevieve, when watching Miguel for Rosie, sees Peter talking about the murder on TV, revealing that he is in fact her third husband. She believes that seeing him like this could be a sign that the two of them are meant to get back together and so she goes down to the studio and flirts with him in an attempt to invite him out to dinner. He can't go, already having plans with Marisol, and Miguel suggests that Genevieve just share "dessert" with him instead. She takes this as innuendo and gets a fantastic idea. Later, Marisol and Peter return to the latter's apartment from their date and Marisol is surprised to learn that Peter never read her book. Their discussion comes to an end when they open the door and find Genevieve naked on the couch, with Marisol surprised that she and Peter even know each other. The next day, Genevieve goes to Marisol's house and points out that the two of them are friends, and friends don't date friend's exes; therefore, she requests that she stop seeing Peter, and Marisol requests in turn that she be allowed some time to think about it. She tells Peter about Genevieve not wanting them to be together and he expresses surprise that she's giving up without a fight, having stayed up all night to read her book and now knowing that to be very out-of-character of her. Touched by this, she decides to stay with him and pays Genevieve a visit to break the news to her in person. While Genevieve seems to take it well, as soon as Marisol is out the front door she declares that this means war.

402 05
Zoila learns of her new boyfriend's relationship with his mother.

Zoila has Carmen over at her new place of employment when Kyle stops by to ask her on a date, and she accepts. Carmen then learns that Zoila lied to him about owning the house and decides that she's never liked her friend more, encouraging the relationship. Zoila has lots of fun on her date, but then they return to his place where she comes to discover that he lives with his mother, Frances. She tells this to Carmen who immediately orders that Zoila dump the guy, for he's obviously disturbed, but Zoila really likes him and wants to give it a chance, and so she decides to proceed into a dinner with her new boyfriend and his mother. As the dinner progresses, things only get worse as she comes to realize just how close they are; they even travel together. They want to show her the photo album and her contrived attitude make Frances realize that she's weirded out by how close she and Kyle are. She confronts Zoila about this in private, eventually revealing that the reason she loves her son so much is because he was her miracle baby, having been born after a long series of miscarriages that left her with a looming sense of loss and depression. This obviously strikes a cord with Zoila, having recently lost her baby, and Frances senses that she needs a hug, and so she gives her one. She says that she's right next door if Zoila needs another, before joking that it's time to give Kyle his bath. At the end of the night, Zoila assures Kyle that she's okay with he and his mother being close, and the two of them share a kiss. When she's gone, Frances surmises that her son really likes this girl, and so does she - a lot, actually. But... she doesn't like her for Kyle. She has "other plans" for him. Kyle appears disappointed.

Spence 402
Spence confesses to murdering Peri, thanks to Ben.

Spence is taken down to the police station and his sponsor, Ben, tries to visit him. However, Detective Shaw tells the man that she cannot authorize that, and so Ben proceeds to drop a call to someone mysterious and tell them that he needs them to do him a favor. When we next see him, Shaw is allowing him into the interrogation room to interact with Spence, for apparently he has friends in high places. Ben brings Spence a cup of coffee which he says must be better than the swill the cops are serving him, and Spence thanks him, then drinking it. Ben makes clear that he doesn't believe Spence killed Peri and wants his friend to help him figure out who really did; Spence feels glad that his friend trusts him, and their long talk continues. Rosie later arrives at the station to tell Shaw that Spence has an alibi, trying to give her the contact details of the stripper Cinnamon, but Shaw rejects this as evidence on the grounds that the stripper could have been paid to say whatever Rosie wanted her to say, and also Spence already confessed. In fact, they're taking his statement right now. Back in the interrogation room, we see Spence admitting in front of a camera that he was the one who killed Peri, and Ben stands behind the camera and smiles, seeming to have manipulated this whole situation somehow.



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